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smile machines / unsmile machines – February 2nd

yesterday was the opening of transmediale.

it seems very common (at last it was the same @ ars electronica), that these kind of openings are just for lovely vips. but tada – we are lucky to be one of them (read: got an invatation).

sounds gread? hmm, the unlucky point was the timing… we were about 1o minutes late in the building and had to find out where to go – grabbing up the accreditation costs us another 10 min – then finaly: the entrance door! i tried to open the door, but there were some security guys, telling us that we are to late (…!) and there is a performance going on inside, so it’s not possible to get in… “oh no come on, we came all the way from vienna!”
but somehow he seemed to be an friendly person and after a bit of a mix of begging, wondering and argueing (like: please… what… come on!), he told us that it’s possible to get in when the performance is finished and the introduction lecture is starting.

at this time we where on a – well – but better then nothing level, so we went to the exhipition, to get a litte impression meanwhile.

here are some pics i was taking there:

Nam June Paik

Nam June Paik - QS-Psyom

Antoni Muntadas – Slogans 1987

Antoni Muntadas - Slogans 1987 – QS-Psyom

+ a video that originaly includes 30 or more ways to kill a cherry, here is one of them:

Download and play in your prefered Player: kirsche
Or Get Quicktime:

after that and meeting some people, we went back to hear the introduction from anne-marie duguet (curator). we want to get in… but the securitys guys were stopping us again.

“no, no its forbidden u can’t get in”

“no problem, look here here is oure invitation”

he didn’t look at it, but he got this very offical security-face and then he told us that it’s totally crowded inside and this is why we can’t go in…
just in this very second about 8 people were coming out…

“ok, good when all this people are leaving, there’s more space and we can go inside smile!”

“nonono, it will make to much brouhaha when people are going in…”

“u mean its making more razzmatazz when somebody’s going in, then when sombody is going out ?”

(what the hell?)

this was giving me a head hurly-burly


c-base – February 2nd

so we decidet to go somewhere else, some place were we are “allowed”

and went to the c-base. this is an 4.5 billion years old ancient space construction which was discovered underneath berlin mitte, in 1995 (”!”…)
they say: addictet to the cosmic destination of c-base, a community has spawned to pursue concepts compatible for the future, beyond reach. “wow!!!”
on this evening this meant that they were inviting the digital class of the udk berlin, to make someting like a reality check with them.

then a presentation from hannes koch, random_international, london:
that was pretty impressing:

he had someting like a “glow in the dark” screen and a house painter wheel, he made some pics from people
around him, converted them into black and white pixel-pix and then… he paintet them on the screen with
his wheel…
if this sounds confusing to u, watch the video…

Download and play in your prefered Player: kirsche
Or Get Quicktime:

here are another project, that made me forget the owfull start of the evening
:)) (onestly, i’ m crasy about that!)

GPS shoe

it’s a work from a guy from the digital class of udk, this shoe is similar to a gps system of a car;
u can give the shoe the information where u want to go to, and then it is calculating the way, if u r leaving
the perfekt line, it feels like going up the walls of a tube. so cool!

more about cabboots

evil knievel – February 3rd

sorry guys… there is no more info about the creatures of the night…
due to massive alcohol consumption i decided to get as many people drunk as possible… one of my favourite real games…

one exception… the fabulous, extraordinary, fuck i wanna kiss his feet… world’s greatest dancer… EVIIIL KNIEVEEEL …if somebody knows his contact address send it to me…please…! he needs to perform in vienna as well!

Download and play in your prefered Player: evil_knivil
Or Get Quicktime:

first regular day – February 3rd

burn station

presentation of PLATONIQ: BURN STATION
if u r interested in copyleft licence – look ahead!

caused by lack of anticipation we needed some time to get things settled, for the speaker was french so the lecture was in french (wizkid…!) unfortunately the whole audience hadn’t foreseen that so the event started about 20 min. later because we had to get headsets in order to receive german sync…. reminds me of university… and yeah just a hint… if you want to get headsets you need an ID but not any.. it must be a passport or drivers license… crap**

keynote 01: DOMINIQUE NOGUEZ (paris)

presented by SIMON CRTCHLEY

nouguez - rechts: critchley
left:nouguez – right: critchley

“l’ humour n’ existe pas” …key sentence from the lecteur

the wise doesn’t laugh he smiles. does humour belong to wisdom… rather not… humour is linked to comedy but it’s not the same.

a theatre/show-person isn’t necessarily a comedian but a comedian is definitely a theatre/show person. Humour is a strategy a trick this means humour is always intended in fact it must be.

in his books breton speaks of accidental humour but that can’t exist besause humour is always councious. In contrast to accidental laughing accidental humour isn’t possible.
humour is what’s left over after laughing. and still, humour contains the best what man can give and exactly this fact is the paradox.

discussion between audience and speaker:
good humour means to understand our life and it’s despair in full amount- it’s the only way that makes it possible. this sentence discribes more or less why i declaire humour as non existant.

irony is the unreal for reality and humour the opposite.

when talking about humour it must be handled like when talking about god you have to try to describe the round abouts because you can not capture it.

because so many interesting things occured i wasn’t able to keep track and write down everything … the famous “where is my mind” feeling appeared….


tick, trick and track

at 9pm we went to the salon to watch the presentation of the “LUCID SOCIETY” with a speech held by MARGUERITE CHARMANTE and a performance by FLESHGORDO aka SUPERMARIO

tick, trick and track

it was very exciting …watch the video.

ugly but trendy – February 4th

film screening ugly but trendy

2 movies

roozbeh asmani: wedding 65
very sympathetic film makers!

denise garcia: sou feia mas to na moda

a film about girls from the city of god who make very exciting crazy dirty funk music…

Download and play in your prefered Player: ugly_but_trandy
Or Get Quicktime:

after that… off to the club and …PARTY!!!!… for me this was the coolest party evening…
finest breakcore (otto von schirarch (US, schematic)) (gulpepsh (JP, ihi))

conference panel 2 – February 4th

@ studio
conference panel 2: media addicts 1
media addicts 1
left to right:crandall, jie, fuller, penny

starting with jordan crandall
the state of readiness
affect = readiness (it is changeable)
readiness is the way a body is preparing itself to get ready to use machines (like airplanes …) in our time… or the system you’re living in
coincidence is taking the place of communication (in our media world)
conclusion: he was often focusing on the crazy fact that we do things (for example movements) a fraction of second before we are concious about it.

second speaker: simon penny
he was talking about interactive media about basic form of machine presentation. “what are we learning when working with interactive systems and how can we manage and later express it”
skills that are trained in simulation are real skills (pilot – flight simulator) it’s more effective because it’s cheaper.
so playing computer games is also training
how can this learning be expressed outside of computer games.

now reading a report from a us army sociologist: this report compares the amount of hits between the police at the shooting range and kids running amok at school. One example given to us showed that the police had 18 hits with 40 shots and the kid had 8 hits with 8 shots (5 head shots and 3 torso) this doesn’t mean that a kid who plays computer games runs amok but if an amok running kid was trained on the computer it had a high amount of hits.

next speaker: lu jie
talking about long march project
he showed a video about a group of artist who climbed up the mount everest to cut off the peak!!!
great idea!

conference panel 2: transgression

started with:
katrien jacobs
talking about relationships between porn and art.
she defines 10 categories.

1-3 hentai – teenage love
4 bukakke and extreme cum
5 cyberdykes – seraf (women for women porn) dairy porn
6 artist work: body death and more…
7 suicide girls
8 dick girls
9 transexual men “tranny fags”
10 bears, buck angel, morphing bulls wear bear

if you want links… well then search for your self…
except this:

second speaker:
shu lea cheang
talking about her work

next appointment:

future garden – February 4th

@ studio

Download and play in your prefered Player: future_garden structur
Or Get Quicktime:

future garden structure… by HILARY KOOB-SASSEN
this film tries to explain social structures by comparing them with the relationship and the interaction between bacteria and organisms… if you have the chance to see this movie .. kill for it!!!

second day – February 4th

wow.. that day i was as ambitious as a neo nazi on speed…ta ta- ta ta ta… i was so on time that i had to wait a half an hour until the screening started

third day – February 5th

the next day…
i want to sleep…

keynote 3: simon critchley

a speech about humour and especially about becked’s only screenplay. becked said: “nothing is funnier than unhappiness.” simon critchley told an anecdote about becked’s psycho analyst who said :”there was nothing i could do for this boy…he was just too happy.” then he showed becked’s film in which Buster Keaton was the main actor.

keynote 4: jean-jacques perrey

i love this guy… he was the most exciting and entertaining guy at the festival… especially i loved his
teddy bear… later that night he played in the club tcm…

post transmediale – February 14th

i found a very interesting paper about transmediale:

good bye reality! how media art died but nobody noticed

wrote by armin medosch

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