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24. Chaos Communication Congress (24C3) in Berlin

From 27. -30.12. there was the 24C3, the 24. congress of the berlin hacker community CCC . For all folks who couldnt be there (including me) they put the videos of the conferences online Conference Recordings . check them out

RPM – Revolutions per Minute

The cybernetic model visualizes existing interrelations of social processes and spatial dimensions. Two elastic layers made out of fabric are held vertically by threads and can be moved by computer-controlled motors. Movement within a certain radius around the object is tracked by sensors.
The position and distance of a person defines the algorithm of how the layers change their form. Between the layers a continuously changing landscape will appear; deformed, distorted (constrained) space, an organism starts breathing, a living-thing reacts on its environment; a pulsing body communicates.

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