bernhard cella, wien

bernhard cella, wien

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What does the artist do after the death of the curator?
the installation is in the entrance of giardini. a tent, camping table on top the product. Bernhard stands in front, wearing mirrored sunglasses.
his multiple is in basic art for artists, giving you an ease of pain when you suffer from opening paralysis and curator dependencies.
He travels all major art festivals promoting his project, and we just like him…

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  • axolotl

    i do not get it! he is selling the tent? is there enough space in this wee, teeny box?
    interesting the picture looks like there was a part pulled out and behind just blue…somehow i like the work and the guy looks all-out arty!!!
    …and: i just had the funny idea that it would be nice for my art-name-design to marry him: ella

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