BIP – building interactive plagrounds

BIP is an event promoted by FAWI (Fondazione Arezzowave Italia) and ARSNOVA, curated by Associazione Culturale NADA and managed by TODO.

The event will be the 20-21st of July in Florence, in collaboration with ElettroWave, the major free event of electronic music.

If you want to play with space, time, people and technology, if you fiddle around with the idea the space can be programmed, if social patterns are your breakfast, if you are not scared by a drunk young audience, if you keep telling your friends that environments are not passive wrappings but active processes, if you dream about pervasive computing, if your perceptions keep shifting, if your projects are about interplay, exploration and humor, if tinkering with technology is your obsession…

Then… this call for works is your unique chance to experiment with interaction design within the context of an electronic music festival.
Nightlife, extreme characters, clubbing freaks, young unrespectuful and challenging audience. You know what we are talking about, don’t you?

They are looking for projects. Not vague ideas or proof of concepts. Real projects that can substantially and meaningfully enrich the Elettrowave event and strengthen involvement. Clubbing is the context and not the object of BIP.
They’re looking for something innovative, passionate and fresh that can make a difference: interactive installations, environments, sound and/or visual projects, etc.

All project proposals must be submitted by May 10th, 2007.
Late entries will not be accepted. By submitting a project, entrant warrants that it is his/her original design.

The submission form is available at
Participants need to provide us with all the information required in the submission form.

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