bruce sterling lecture

you want close 2 realtime, you get it.

this is bruce sterling at the final lecture of the toshareit festival. 5 min ago.
i missed the first few minutes, he started by reviewing the exhibition… AND refered to the shockbot as his personal favorite. yeah.

3 parts, ~20min all together

afterwards, he was asked if flickr might help to preserve information, this is what he thinks about it:

this is what i call close2realtime:

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  • FJ Torres

    Films made today wil dissappear (“become invisible”) in a hundred years? How come? Films from 1896 (Lumiere/Melies) are screened today all over the world.
    Sterling is wrong. We do have that “sophistication” today.
    It is called film.

  • entrogeny

    Um, you’re missing the point, FJ (if you happen to see this). That technology will disappear. At least, that’s what I was getting – though there are terrible acoustics in that place.

  • mf

    extended, audible version here

    but still a transcript would be nice, for us non-natives to be able to follow the discussion.. “vernacular” video could mean something like “mundart”? but i guess it’s more offensive in english : ) i guess youtubed art (and discourse?) is way more interesting than the old media, and no reason to pull anyone’s hair out i think ;)

    this site is an inofficial pre-preview-version!

    stay tuned! big tings a gwaan :)

  • FJ Torres

    “That technology will disappear”. Really. Why? Or better yet- How?
    So Gates and Jobs will take sledge hammers to every film projector ever made, forbid the manufacture of film and lab equipment, etc…
    Do you think every film theater in India, China, Brazil etc will convert overnight to (expensive and un stable) digital projection?
    And all to make the American media mavens happy? Dont think so.
    I first read about the dead of film in 1978.
    Keep waiting.
    Witnees the rebirth of super 8 in the last few years…

  • did you try to develop and copy a 8 or 16mm film lately? – not really easy any more. until last year there was a possibility to send this kind of material to switzerland, but kodak also closed this one a year ago. film will die.

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