herbert brandl, austrian pavillon

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  • axolotl

    no hard feelings herbert, i am just a little gerlie-nerd and i really don’t understand why austria had to choose you! even before a friend of mine pointed out that a quick google search shows that you don’t have a own webside…even before i read the text of the “kommiss

  • lolol

    yeah, i had the same feelings. since the pictures are very large, i was like ‘wtf… another surreal painter who uses a whole lot of paint, set up with some O.T works that dry in venice because they are from 2007′

    but if you take a closer look, herbert is a student of our very beloved class at the angewandte, peter weibel’s vismed.
    i don’t get why he paints pictures, but i guess he learned quite a lot, and is capable of all the skills that a media artist needs…

    since i got to know his social field, like franz west, and the hints of a dear friend matthias leutzendorff, whose sister michaela is married to herbert brandls galerist, peter pakesch the whole story gets more and more complex.

    peter weibel on the one hand is the chief of ‘neue galerie’ in graz. peter pakesch is the exec. of johanneum in graz. now they got this little dispute about how graz should devoelop in the future of arts, and whatnot. this all is nailed down to steirischer herbst, and the dependencies of the festival to the johanneum.

    and here we got herbert brandl, the son of two fathers, who got different oppinions on art and such. i was talking to collectors, who told me that his pictures give beautiful accents to rooms, a classical painters agenda indeed.

    sure, we all would like to have more media/digital arts in our daily exhibition life. but, as a matter of fact, there are some artists with painty fingers who do it the old fashioned way and supply old school people with old school arts. and if you stand in front of a large formatted painted picture you just get louvr’ed….

    its all about the energy…

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