revver vs. youtube

as far as i can say until now, it simply doesn’t matter. if you want the video to be displayed slightly bigger choose revver (you can still downsize it in the source code of the post), if you want to be sure that it loads without delay choose youtube.

youtube has the logo embedded in the video, which sucks. revver’s logo is in the menu, therefore you have a commercial after the video on revver.

i’not quite sure, but i think revver has slightly more artefacts in the video then youtube. also, there is a sort of approval process going on at revver, it takes around an hour to get your video accepted by revver.

i actually think that the quality of is great – might be another option, but i’m having troubles with the upload… at the max. video size is 150mb.. has the nicest interface and leaves the video in qt if u prefer but doesn’t work really well with wordpress..
i’d say we just leave it up to every editor which platform to choose.. this and that site might help – maybe we should start a service ranking
plz comment your thougts, tagr headz!

a few thoughts by others:

the same geek made this.

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