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Call: Japan Media Arts Festival 08

japan media art festival 08

The Japan Media Art Festival is now accepting submissions on different categories. It’s the biggest in Japan about media art and definitely worth a try – entries must have been produced or released between October 6th, 2007 and September 26th, 2008, Deadline is September 26th.

Abertura2 @ Lisbon 20th July 2008

Finally! It’s July and i am in Lisbon… the place where during those hot summer days the Abertura2 Festival is going on. Roundtables, Workshops and in the evening live audio visual sets will be shown… and for those few who cannot manage to arrive at Lisbon in time… there is a chance, to be part of it. Just turn on your computer, connect with the world wide web and enjoy aberturas live stream!

here it is [was]. starting around 12am local time = 1pm in Vienna, july 20th:

abertura2 _ 20th july @ O Século, Centro de Arte Avançada, Lisbon

Roundtables/Mesas Redondas
12:00 Communities & Collectives
13:00 Collaboration

Presentations and Workshop
15:00 Mapping Festival
15:30 we[ b]link
16:00 audiographics & windowmatter
16:30 AVOL
17:00 TODAY
17:30 Modul8

Live Sets
21:00 iFomoke
21:30 Bande (o.blaat + Toshio Kajiwara)
22:00 Zone Time II
22:30 Ye77a
23:00 GoTo80 & Raquel Meyers
23:50 Lance Blisters
24:45 Rui Monteiro
01:15 SHARE.Lisbon with Live Stream

After Party

Sigma6 @ Abertura2 Lisbon

Sigama6 is a group of visual artist from Geneva. Eric Mozier – one memeber of Sigma6 – is here at the Abertura Festival and he showed a really pretty cool vj set to the music of mr.connard who coudln’t join the event personally. Anyway we all enjoyed the AV set and we can’t wait for tomorrow when the whole day will be about Vjing!

Have a look at the following video not just to get an impression about Sigma6 live set, but also about the visual set up of this nice location. They use six projectors and if you want you can trigger them speratly!

24h Comic drawing session @ brick5

About twenty motivated comic painters met last friday at the brick5 in Vienna where they stayed 24hours together and produced as much as they could or wanted to…
the results will be shown as an exhibition at the Brick5.

24h Comics – exhibition
Opening: 8th July – 6pm
Exhibition opening hours: 9th July to the 13th July; 3pm to 6pm
Brick5: 15., Fünfhausgasse 5

A short video’s gonna be online soon!

And here it is!!! Have FUN!



To quote another artist exhibiting at Sonar, ‘I hate crowds, but I’ve never hated a crowd this big.’ SonarMatica (the multimedia exhibition inside Sonar Complex) turned out to be a nice place to escape from the relentless chaos and irreparable ear damage. Be warned, there is nothing in this blog about music and only very partial coverage of one multimedia exhibition. I managed to miss SonarCinema, Sonarama and Arte Digital A La Carta, having spent all my time in the dark vault where Sonarmatica took place nursing my piece.


The theme at Sonarmatica this year is future-past cinema. Beautiful pieces of pre-cinematic technology are resurrected and displayed side by side with some very slick new media art. This really brings an interesting historical perspective to the exhibition. I think it’s a good idea to be humbled by the old timers now and then. For example, Alvaro Cassinelli’s ‘Boxed Ego’ which exploits stereoscopic lenses faces a large 18th century stereoscope. Two centuries can be traversed by a few steps. ‘Boxed Ego’ invites the audience to peer into a box to see a tiny three dimensional video of him/her self in the act of peeping. The video is deliberately delayed which creates an interesting awareness of time. The theme of self-voyeurism is unsurprisingly very popular with the festival goers.


Marnix de Nijs’s “The Beijing Accelerator” is quite an experience. A joy stick is used to synchronize the movement of the chair with the movement of the city scape on screen. Giddy, disorienting and fun, it’s tempting to ignore what the artist intends and just spin as fast as possible while trying not to fall off.


Stage Fright” uses the simple mechanism of a swing to make a simple narrative unfold. The participant must swing as high as possible in order to see what happens next. The project is developed at the Medialab-Prado during the Interativos workshop with a team of awesome collaborators. I especially want to thank Valeria Marraco, Sytse Wierenga and Emanuel Andel for creating the video.

One of my favorite pieces at SonarMatica is Julien Maire’s performance “DemiPas”. It features a converted projector that uses slides which are intricate little machines in themselves. The complicated mechanical movement of the ‘slides’ animate different scenes and push the story forward. It was whimsical and moving, I strongly recommend seeing it. It worked nicely with Takashi Kawashima’s shadow puppetry performance “Takashi’s Seasons” which mixes the traditional and the new.

Other cool pieces…

FLIPBOOK! – Juan Carlos Ospina Gonzalez / Fabrica

Andy Cameron, Oriol Ferrer Mesià, David McDougall, Joel Gethin Lewis, Hansi Raber – FABRICA – We Are The Time. We Are The Famous

Julian Oliver – levelHead
Paola Guimerans, Horacio González e Igor González – Biophionitos

A zoetrope!

Endorse: Stage Fright Video

3 reasons to put the video online, even though it’s out of date since the “Interactivos” Workshop is over since ages:

1. Nova Jiang’s installation “Stage Fright” is still exhibited at this years sonar exhibition
2. I always wanted to try portrait shaped video online
3. the video is shot with a construction, that was built by Sytse Wierenga within a day, for that the output is great.

This is a small video that shows the location and one of the first try’s…

and this is the final shot:

thats what the final installation looks like:

frame(o)ut – digital film festival in Vienna @ Museumsquartier

Oh how much I love Vienna in summertime! Cool fresh summer breeze… to be open air just somewhere around… and enjoying Viennas great cultural summer programm. I just came home from the opening night of the frame(o)ut festival that is currently going on – open air – in the Museumsquartier. Every friday and saturday night – from the 4th July to the 30th August – you have the chance to watch new digital short movies, open air with head phones.
So don’t forget to bring your driving licens or passport to get those radio headpones so that you can enjoy the videos with maximum sound without disturbing the sleepy neighbours….

What your’re gonna see for exemple are some great short films or music videos from the newest onedotzero compilation. Cause Onedotzero – the well known digital film festival and production company from London – is one of fram(o)ut’s cooperation partners as well as the real time generation fesitval that is also going on at the Museumsquartier. Further partners are Pictoplasma from Berlin, sixpackfilm, vienna independent shorts and ASIFA.

And here for you…some shorts of the shorts. Enjoy!

Demoscene Special “run demo run” # 1realtime generation festival

James Elkins: On Some Limits of Film Theory

James Elkins is teaching at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. He is currently E.C. Chadbourne Chair in the Department of Art History, Theory, and Criticism. His writing focuses on the history and theory of images in art, science, and nature.

The presentation will look at some ways that recent filmmaking technologies, especially those developed in science (and some specifically in the military), should make it difficult to keep using concepts such as still, film, motion, and picture in the ways they are used in film criticism. It is a speculative presentation, proposing that films made outside art can contribute to current theorizing in film studies

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