AntiVJ @ Mapping Festival 2008

AntiVJ is a VJ Label founded by four VJs francophone – VJ Crustea, VJ Emovie, VJ Aalto and VJ Legoman. Their aim is to leave the traditional work area of a VJ … the lonley screen somewhere in a club…
Well, what they do so far is to create new surfaces for their VJ Sets – that range from unconventional screens in night clubs to installations in public spaces (a market place or a garage) and lightsculptures – as well as developing their own VJ Tools to play on these 3d shapes.

I saw them playing visually with their own installation objects – a bunch of white cubes in a darkend room. I gotta say… it was awesome!You even got the feeling those objects were moving or shivering a bit! Enjoy the video!

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