Immodesty, Day 2

We continued to open up all the cameras and wired them in order to turn them all on and release the shutter at the same time. Also we wanted use a dip-switch for each camera to still have control over every single camera on it’s own. That’s when things got tricky, because when you wire all the switches parallel you connect all the cameras as soon as you make a connection at an point. But that was only the beginning: We had our first “Critiques” appointment and hey all let us know that they don’t believe we can make the project the way we think.

What followed then was good and bad at the same time. On the on hand some reactions were like: “Yeah, well, i didn’t get your project of all – but why don’t you go for this or that instead..”, which was more annoying then helpful, because at some point i had the feeling that some critiques just wanted to push the project in the direction that they felt like at the moment… On the other hand it was really helpful because we figured out a way to make a mounting that’s actually realizable and gives us the possibility to fine-tune the adjustments a little bit within the “fixed” camera.

Oh well, 2morrow is another day let’s see..

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