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ISEA 2010

Stefan Riekeles, Program Director of the ISEA 2010, is presenting a selection of pieces of the ISEA 2010 RUHR Exhibition and reflecting over misunderstandings considering the term Sonification and whether the opposite of digital is necessarily analogue.

interview: Emanuel Andel, camera & editing: Sophie-Carolin Wagner

stelarc@Nime congress Sydney

June  2010 @ Nime ( new interfaces for musical expression) congress in Sydney; I got the chance to meet  stelarc before he had to catch the plane to his homebase melbourne. After hearing his one hour lecture (showing some impressive videos of his ear on arm surgery ) the other day, it was great to talk in a more laid back atmosphere; I have to admit he  can hook you into  his passion and brings along an infectious (to stay with terms!)  enthusiasm for the future visions of cyborg art and a lot more… For  the project ear on arm he won the golden nica hybrid art 2010 at ars electronica.

interview, camera, editing: Kathrin Stumreich

Braun Tube Jazz Band

Wada Ei tells us about his performance – we already gave a preview of this in the ISEA 2010 launched post. The next chance to see Ei Wada performing live is at the upcominc Ars Electronica Festival in Linz!

interview & editing: Emanuel Andel, camera: Sophie-Carolin Wagner

moids 2.0

This is an Interview with Soichiro Mihara who is one of the participants of the coded cultures exibition at the ISEA 2010 in Dortmund.

interview&editing: Emanuel Andel, camera: Sophie-Carolin Wagner

ARS electronica 2010 … Pressekonferenz and more…

ARS electronica 2010 “repair – ready to pull the lifeline” starting the 2nd September 2010 will be presented at the former tabacco factory in Linz, a location that tells its own story about the moment of change that we are facing. will be part of the ARS festival scenario as we have been invited by Aram Bartoll to join the Digital Communities Area (Bau 1, OG3). and of corse we will use this opportunity to tagr as much interessting projects, artists, etc. as we can!

PRIX ARS ELECTRONICA 2010 _ digital communities
one of the award winners in this category is the ubiquitous – #unibrennt cloud which was the origin for a European wide student movement criticizing our educational systems…. congratulations!!
CCC-Chaos Computer Club also won a price in this category.

to  get an idea of what you can expect we are featuring the recording of the press conference in Vienna, thx to the team of for the video!!

ISEA 2010 launched

We arrived in germanies funky Ruhrpott, mostly famous famous for it’s industry – but not these days: The 16th international symposium on electronic arts opened it’s doors to the exhibitions and we are happy to give you a short impression almost real time… This is a performance of Wada Ei that just happened during the opening of the coded cultures exhibition – enjoy!

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