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Specialità di Silicio

Performance: Urs Dubacher  (video in german)

specialità di silicio is a hardware cooking performance, in which Urs Dubacher creates a special menu, comprised of silicon. Damaged hardware and other ingredients are fused to a culinary hybrid of absurdity, debris and detritus. Enjoy your meal!

Die Preformance “specialltà di silicio” ist eine Hardware Cooking Performance, in welcher  Urs Dubacher ein spezielles Menü kreiert, welches zum Großteil aus Silizium besteht. Kaputte Hardware und andere Zutaten werden vereint zu einer kulinarischen Einheit der Absurdität. Guten Appetit!

Man With A Movie Camera: The Global Remake

The video artist Perry Bard invites people to a collaborative web-based, database-generated montage experiment. Using Dziga Vertovs masterpiece from 1929 as direct inspiration, participants from all over the world can upload footage on the website next to the corresponding scenes from the original film. Uploaded digital media from photo cameras, video recorders and screen-grabs form part of the new interpretation. The lengths and images of submitted videos are synchronised with the original scenes through software, which then rotates the added material every day, ensuring the film may never be the same twice. Bard’s project transports Vertov’s impressions about the Soviet cities in his experimental silent film into the 21st century and becomes, in Vertov’s terms, the “decoding of life as it is.”.

Petko Dourmana – Post Global Warming Survival Kit

Petko Dourmana is a media artist and organiser of interdisciplinary projects between art and information technology. He is co-founder of the InterSpace Media Art Centre, Sofia, which is a non-commercial combination of artists, computer scientists and media activists.

Post Global Warming Survival Kit consists of a two-channel projection and shows infrared images of the North Sea as a post-apocalyptic landscape that the observer can only see by using a night-vision device. Dourmana portrays a dystopian scenario: a “nuclear winter” initiated by political groups or governments in order to solve the problem of global warming and the melting of the polar icecaps.

The installation aims to be a believable, technological fiction of a future in which human sensory experience has adapted. Without the technology posited within the Post Global Warming Survival Kit, we would be blind. With this in mind, the project asks us to consider our approach to environmental pollution and ecological destruction.

upcoming: transmediale09


Looking beyond the evolving alarmist scenarios of environmental catastrophe prevalent in the global warming debate, transmediale.09 shifts the focus of this challenge to the broader cultural, societal and philosophical consequences that the collapse of the northern ice barrier reveals.

the at this years festival will be bigger than ever over ten peole are on their way from vienna to berlin to cover the exibition, write about the lectures, capture performances and provide an artist interview every day – it’ll be worthwhile to check for new post every day during the festival!

Peter Weibel: Experimentelle Kunst und Experimentelle Politik III

Peter Weibel talking at the University for applied Arts in Vienna on 25th of April 2008.

Unfortunately the last 10 min are missing on the (german) video, but there is an audio file with better audio quality ready for download here.

Eva Jantschitsch a.k.a Gustav live in Concert featuring “Trachtenkapelle Dürrenstein”

The concert was part of the programme of the Donaufestival08 and completely sold out – not even the press pass got me in, i was very lucky to find someone who sold me his ticket in the very last minute in order to sneak in a minute before the concert started.
I realized that “Gustav” was discussed in the media, but i didn’t realize the hype that was going on, nor i understood it… until the concert started.

Then the microphone gave completely up, this youtube video provides better audio quality of this scene.. within a minute i was amazed by Eva Jantschitsch’s performance and voice, and all of a sudden i understood why the Minoritenkirche in Krems – a former chruch & great venue btw. – was completely packed and sold out since weeks.

This video clip starts with the appearece f the Trachtenkapelle (traditional band) of Dürrenstein which was the spezial feature of the night, which i think was great, but see for yourself:

Casey Reas @ University of applied Arts, Vienna

Casey Reas lecture “form+code” at the university of applied arts in vienna on 10.4.2008 as part of the sliver lecture series. big thx to Peter Linhart who recorded the lecture.

Ciao Eleonora, Salute Julien, Hallo Peter!

We have 3 more Authors that want to share their experiences on festivals with the world, i’m sending a triple HUURRAY! to Amsterdam(NL) , Nantes(FR), and Vienna (AT)!

At the forum you’ll find a basic howto – this is also the place to post your suggestions and questions.


Also we managed to embed Eyebeam’s reBlog. We did this in order to provide an easy possibility for people who already run a blog and want to post some of their content on If you want to provide with a rss feed, please get in contact.

Cloaca – by Wim Delvoye (BE)

so finally there is a piece of art thats isn’t shit, but produces some.
it basically produces human excrement without a human body. the machine is fed with everyday food, and the excrement that it produces can not be differentiated from human shit – even not in laboratory tests.

the windows are open for a good reason, because when they weren’t this piece of art/shit took over the whole 1st level of the, so try to imagine the olfactory part of the piece.

Planet d. Pendler

Planet d. Pendler, originally uploaded by tagr_tv.

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