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ISEA 2010 launched

We arrived in germanies funky Ruhrpott, mostly famous famous for it’s industry – but not these days: The 16th international symposium on electronic arts opened it’s doors to the exhibitions and we are happy to give you a short impression almost real time… This is a performance of Wada Ei that just happened during the opening of the coded cultures exhibition – enjoy!

Heart Chamber Orchestra @ FILE 2010

The Austrians again… well it feels a bit strange to take part on such a big international Festival and meet artists from your country everywhere… I think about 10% of the artists participating at FILE Festival are Austrians somehow – even if the most of them have chosen to live somewhere else. Like Erich Berger who is living in Helsinki and Peter Votava who is living in Berlin. Well, i guess such Festivals are anyway not that kind of patriotic or nationalistic events like football games or ski worldcups  ;-)  But the international context of such Festivals and the country next to your name reminds you about your origins, even if the new media art scene feels like a family from outer space. If you have such a lot of common interests and ideas like in such a community, distances and borders just dont exist. I wish everybody could feel the same !

But actually i wanted to write about the Heart Chamber Orchestra, who got the second prize in the electronic sonority category at the FILE PRIX LUX Award. And as i liked the performance very much – i have to tell you, that they really deserve it.

Also known as the audiovisual collective Terminalbeach they upgraded there work by adding a whole live playing orchestra. Sounds like a challenge. Right, but the way they are working with the orchestra is fantastic. They connect each of the musicians with heart rate monitors in order to work with their inner metronom and transform this data into a fantastic performance. But listen to their explanations and interesting details yourself:

Sommerfest _ tagr / transforming freedom Montag 26.07.2010 ab 19.00

Come and celebrate with us…. our new and redesigned office is waiting for you!

and here… as a memento of the most surprising moment in the last days…

Lichterloh vs. VMS @Mapping Festival 2010

Lichterloh did a VMS Show on Thursday, 13th May at the Mapping Festival in Geneve. We had the chance to talk with them about light, visuals and the future of Vjing in a light ambient setup.

The Mapping Festival is dedicated to VJing and to the task of combining moving images with contemporary cultures. Thus multiplying the events which animate the town and bestowing itself to the Genevans and international visitors.
Formed in 2005 by Modul8 conceptors and Zoo/Usine, The Mapping is in search of all passionate of real time image use, amateurs of electronic cultures, conviviality and discovery.
The festival is a true laboratory for the VJing discipline, offering both novices and professionals the possibility to experiment and encounter. This unique aspect gives the festival a world-wide reputation in the VJ-community as a meeting point you just have to visit.


Interview: Conny Zenk
Camera: Markus Liszt
Editing: Conny Zenk

AntiVJ Installation @ soundframe 2010

Just found out that at the two closing events of the soundframe festival in Vienna. [15th and 16th of april 2010 @ Ottakringer Brauerei]

there will be an installation of AntiVJ.I am pretty curious what to see, if and how they can change the amtmosphere at the Brauerei!
Come and check it out with me!

Here some Videos of their previous works, just to get an idea what AntiVJ does:

AntiVJ – SONGDO from AntiVJ / Joanie on Vimeo.

AntiVJ – ENGHIEN from AntiVJ / Joanie on Vimeo.

AntiVJ : NUITS SONORES from AntiVJ / Joanie on Vimeo.

PixelACHE Festival 2010 in Helsinki

Well, unfortunately i never attended Pixelache in Helsinki, Finnland, but it supposed to be quite an interesting festival addressing the classical contemporary topics like capitalism, sustainable energy and alternative systems. But don´t wanna talk a lot about a festival i haven´t been…. better check out their massive videocollection on vimeo or their flickr collection to get a review of what we have missed.
or listen to Juha Huuskonen the programme director of pixelache, whom we know from transmediale 2009, when he was part of the jury.

And if you wanna attend in next years festival > don´t forget to apply to their call for proposals. deadline 15.4.2010

:: TrikeDoubleThree :: Interview with Bernhard Lang and Christine Gaigg

TrikeDoubleThree is a piece of performative dance in conjunction with audio visual elements by Christine Gaigg (2nd nature) and Bernhard Lang.
The four dancers on stage, perform on sound panels by being video taped, the sound and video is sampled with the “visual loop generator” and reprojected on the screens in the middle of the stage (stage design: Philipp Harnoncourt). As a viewer you might loose the oversight of what is created by whom, is the machine following the human dancers or vice versa?

But somehow, it’s all about loops. We had the chance to talk to Christine Gaigg and Bernhard Lang, the creators of this piece where dance meets media art.

TrikeDoubleThree was shown at TQW, November 2009, Wien Modern Festival.

German with English subtitels

Interview: Ella Esque
Camera & Editing: Franziska Mayr-Keber
Subtitles: Franziska Mayr-Keber, Oliver Stummer
Performance Video Recordings: Raphael Brand

German (English subtitels will be added asap)

Interview: Ella Esque
Camera & Editing: Franziska Mayr-Keber
Performance Video Recordings: Raphael Brand

Spectral Continuum Berlin 2010 by Charlemagne Palestine

Charlemagne Palestine !! an extraordinary person – an experience you´ll never forget ! Not only his performance at the Französischer Dom is remarkable – we managed to get an interview before his gig. he is an epiphany himself !  of course we can´t transport the full experience of an organ which is resonating with the audience and the dom ! but check the video to get at least a taste….

F.A.T. Lab tracks Google Streetview car in Berlin

OH SNAP!! Google had one of their Streeview camera cars parked in front of the Haus der Kulturen der Welt right here in Berlin. We put a GPS tracking device it and are following it right now!!!! Check this awesome large map we threw together (updates every 2 min) and follow what we see at @fffffat (twitter) (this will be EPIC!!!!)

from via cruchgear

transmediale 2010 opened

The transmediale 2010 opened it’s doors yesterday, with a Yvette Matterns laser performance “From One to Many” and Charlemagne Palestine’s sound performance. The program looks promising and we already met a lot of great people – so we’re looking forward to a lot of interesting stuff! Here’s a little impression of the opening performance (the snow storm worked great with the laser show, but it made the microphone give up…):

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