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Das Skateboard, das Nintendo spielte… ?

§P¡NdLe .. so der Titel, vielsagend und doch ein wenig kryptisch, genau das richtige für die, die ein wenig tüfteln wollen, was dieses Skateboard mit eingebautem Nitendo kann, möchte, wie das denn alles funktioniert, was genau überhaupt funktionieren soll, und wie beziehungsweise was das alles eigentlich ist.
Und diese Verwunderung ist vielleicht auch die Fragestellung des Kunstwerks an seine Betrachter… Kunst als Idee, als Anregung, als Phantasie… über Partituren, die der Boden schreibt….

Hinter der §P¡NdLe oder dem §P¡NdLe stehen die Künstler Gordan Savicic und Philipp Lammer.

Im Gespräch mit – Philip Lammer:

Surround Sound im Central Garden
Coded Cultures 2011

Florian Schmeiser installierte einen “vibrate space” im central garden am donaukanal, mit 8 tonkanälen wurden die 400m2 öffentlicher raum zu einem sound-erlebnis.

in dem projekt involviert waren noch fünf weitere elektronik musikerInnen: Nik Hummer, Electric Indigo, Bernhard Gal, Elisabeth Schimana, und Peter Szely. komponiert wurde gemeinsam…

INTERVIEW mit Florian Schmeiser:

USB-Sticks im Gemäuer Wiens… ein Projekt von Aram Bartholl
Coded Cultures 2011

analog – aber bitte digital. statt aus der internetcloud, überraschungsinformationen aus der hauswand….
aram bartholl sucht nach löchern im gemäuer der stadt… schließt diese wieder und hinterlässt dort einen usb stick zum datenaustausch im öffentlichen raum.

Christian Falsnaes about art

Torture Classics at Coded Cultures

Liz Vlx about the project “torture classics”

Coded Cultures 2011

This week the Coded Cultures Festival 2011 starts in Vienna.


Coded Cultures 2011 presents itself on many different locations in Vienna, with the main focus on the Donaukanal (Danube Channel) and the surrounding Viennese city districts.

From 21st to 25th of September focus days will be held, which mainly will take place at the Viennese Danube Channel, the 2nd district of Vienna, Museums Quarter Vienna, the Badeschiff and the Odeon Theatre. From the 26th of September to the 2nd of Octo- ber workshops, presentations and artist-talks are taking place. Partners are Transmediale Berlin, Media Lab Prado Madrid, Enter Festival Prag and Amber Festival Istanbul (among many others). On the 1st of October the Festival is ending with a big event at the Badeschiff in cooperation with the viennese Waves Festival.


The opening event is this Wed 21st – expect first postings 2b online during the weekend!

FILE Festival Sao Paulo 2011

FILE Festival, Sao Paulo. Huge city, huge exhibition. Like every year, the File Festival manages to show a wide variety of international contemporary new media art. Installations, Performances, Machinima, Animations, Webart,… But they also host Workshops dealing with newest technics and tools and a Symposium which addresses current topics and therefor is a good discursive platform for new media art.

A big difference to most of the new media art festivals is the wide-ranging audience visiting the exhibition. With about 1000 visitors per day and a period of one month it does not only adress the typical new media art nerds.

Because i participated with my installation “skia” in the exhibition and the symposium i had a very limited time frame to document the artworks.

But i even managed to get Christobal Mendoza for an interview, whos collaborative work “nervous structure” was one of my favourites.

Another very poetic and beautiful piece was ADA, an analog interactive installation by Karina Smigla-Bobinski.

The next work i have to explain a bit…. If you stand in front of this screen, your face is tracked and alternately displayed with some movie scenes, where the head of the actors are on the same position in the framing as yours… It is called “movie mirrors” and was made by Ali Miharbi from turkey.

French Pavillon- Biennale Venice 2011

Christian Boltanski has built a huge scaffold supporting a long conveyor-belt, printed with babies, displayed birth- and starving-rate, made a game out of it and called it “Chance”.”The unfolding of life and the incessant rhythm of birth raise the question of the universal and the unique in a way, to ponder what distinguishes one from the other…” (Jean-Hubert Martin)

Having a seat after this interview, relaxing from running around for hours, on one of three very old chairs placed beside this pavillon, a strange whispering voice stated to ask “is it the last time?” repeatedly, so that I needed some time until I recognized that it was comming from my chair.-spooky!

For those who don´t have the ability to visit venice until end of november and also for those who just like killing time, they´ve installed a homepage where you can play this game “Chance” too.
Christian Boltanski promises to send you a surprise in the case you win.

The Stateless Pavilion – Pirate Camp

The new project devised by the Italian art group CONIGLIOVIOLA – is the first itinerant artists’ camping program created to give free hospitality to a selection of young international artists during the most important contemporary art events worldwide.

In true corsair style, the PIRATE CAMP will – for the very first time – break the well-entrenched rule that outlaws camping in the lagoon!

The Stateless Pavilion, as the first PIRATE CAMP has been dubbed, aims to focus attention on the topic “extra-territoriality” as a condition typical of artists that comes to expression in the project’s two key figures: the pirate and the camper.The status of not-belonging-to-places, inhabiting places while remaining outside the concept of territorial ownership, becomes a status of statelessness, of not-belonging-to-any-state, in the context of the Venice Biennale, whose mainstay is the fact that its every edition is built on an offering – and a reiteration – of the representation of national identities, by “national” pavilions.

Video by Philipp Köster and Wasserbloom, Interview and edit by Wasserbloom

Gelitin Pavilion – Some like it hot!

Gelitin presented a wood fired glass melting furnance at the Venice Biennale 2011 in the Giardino della Vergini at the Arsenale. The text inserts are taken from an Interview with Tobias and Ali by Christian Egger. Video by Wasserbloom and Susanna Gartner, Cut by Wasserbloom. More information at

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