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Sonolevitation – Evelina Domnitch and Dmitry Gelfand with TeZ

“The Earth is the cradle of humanity, however, it is impossible to spend one’s entire life in a cradle.” This quote from Constantin Eduardovich Tsiolkovsky, a Russian rocket engineer, is the starting point for Evelina Domnitch and Dmitry Gelfand’s speculative performance on the suspension of gravity. The reduction of gravitational effects may evoke emancipatory associations, yet such conditions predominate in our universe. In a spacecraft, among the most efficient ways to transport nearly all gases, liquids, and powders, is by means of a phenomenon known as acoustic levitation. In Domnitch and Gelfand’s ‘Sonolevitation‘, slivers of gold are acoustically suspended by a standing wave. A microphone monitors the slivers’ modulation of the levitatory wave: the slightest change in the sliver’s position has highly audible consequences. Sonolevitation is the first in a series of projects by the artists which explore microgravitational, near-vacuous environments. The capacity to create artworks in such spaces, permits the actuation of altogether unforeseen optical and acoustic processes. Especially for this performance, the artists have joined forces with TeZ, who creates a live quadraphonic setting of Sonolevitation. (

And the winner of the Transmediale Award 2009 is..

Tantalum Memorial!
2nd price goes to
Rudolfo Quintas!


You can find info about both on, Quintas interview will be online tomorrow! is now online.

Distinction to Reynold Reynolds



Reynolds’s video installation Six Appartments is a poetic narration of resignation and decline which documents the life of six people in their apartments. The inhabitants live isolated, unaware of each other, without drama – they eat, sleep, watch television – even though their lives are overshadowed by mass media generated problems of the larger world and the upcoming ecological crisis. Their connection to the world is located elsewhere: It can be found in the microscopic process of decomposition of their bodies, food and living spaces, and in their passive existence towards consumption which, with every moment, brings them closer to their deaths. In Reynolds’ composition of images, with their strong Vanitas-motifs, the human being does not have control of its own life.

and the winner of the Vilém Flusser Theory Award is…

 Jaromil AND Brian Holmes



Denis Jaromil Rojo is a developer and media artist inspired by the GNU free
software movement: he follows the ideal of creating free software for
freedom of expression, to let people communicate, freed from
consumerist speculations and the need for expensive hardware. He is
author of the GNU/Linux Live CD dyne:bolic, of various free software
audiovisual  tools and  net-art  productions as  HasciiCam, the shell
:(){ :|:& };: forkbomb and Time Based Text. Featured as an artist in CODeDOC II
(Whitney Museum Artport), Read_Me 2.3 ( software art),
negotiations 2003  (Toronto CA), I  LOVE YOU (MAK Frankfurt), Netarts
(Machida Tokyo),  Rhizome,  Data Browser 02 (engineering culture),
Crosstalks (Vrije Universiteit Brussel) and in several other

The blog, Continental Drift at, is an essay-writing worksite, updated continuously with Brian Holmes entire output as a public intellectual, whether occasional talks, spur-of-the-moment rants or polished full-length texts dealing with the analysis and subversion of cognitive capitalism and liberal empire.The blog was launched in early 2007 in parallel to the work of the autonomous seminar Continental Drift, developed since 2005 in collaboration with Claire Pentecost and the 16 Beaver Group ( The seminar, gathering artists, theorists and activists, was conceived as a response to the deterioration of democratic discourse and public space under the influence of the outgoing American imperial administration. The essays on the blog are therefore Holmes personal work, but can also be considered as individual contributions to a collective practice.

Materials from the blog have recently been gathered into a book, _Escape the Overcode: Creative Art in the Control Society_, which will be published in early 2009 by WHW and the Van Abbemuseum. The book is freely accessible:

Performance by Rudolfo Quintas

We’re sorry for the f*c’d up sound quality – the mircophone gave up in the 1st second, we hope to get to properly recorded material soon!

UPDATE: Now with proper sound!

Jury Interview

we had a chat with bronac ferran and juha huuskonen, two members of the jury, about their difficult job of choosing the artworks for this years transmediale. they had to choose from about 100 preselected works out of more than 900 entries. but listen to their methodology and experience yourself… – Igloolik Isuma Productions is an independent platform for indigenous film-makers, exchanging traditional knowledge, as well as news and footage documenting an aboriginal way of life. Paul Quassa, sitting in the futuristic McLuhan Salon, tells us why new technologies were quickly absorbed by aboriginal tribes, how traditional knowledge about nature and the environment can help us to deal with an impending climate change and how exactly works.

Tantalum Memorial

Everybody uses mobile devices and computers. Less people know you need a very rare mineral called “tantal” to fabricate microchips this size, soon making it more precious than gold. This very moment, cruel wars are fought over this metal in Congo, resulting in more than 3.6 million deaths to date. The tantalum memorial was created in rememberence of this wars´ victims. In a very unique way, ancient telephone technology, the congolese community in london and storytelling are combined, resulting in the extrordinary piece “tantalon memorial”. a living memorial in a way, through which stories can be told and peolpe are connected, reminging us of the blood dripping from our stylish new devices.

Specialità di Silicio

Performance: Urs Dubacher  (video in german)

specialità di silicio is a hardware cooking performance, in which Urs Dubacher creates a special menu, comprised of silicon. Damaged hardware and other ingredients are fused to a culinary hybrid of absurdity, debris and detritus. Enjoy your meal!

Die Preformance “specialltà di silicio” ist eine Hardware Cooking Performance, in welcher  Urs Dubacher ein spezielles Menü kreiert, welches zum Großteil aus Silizium besteht. Kaputte Hardware und andere Zutaten werden vereint zu einer kulinarischen Einheit der Absurdität. Guten Appetit!

a shotgun is visible and intimidating

Jetzt mal zur Abwechslung ein subjektiver Beitrag. Ein Beitrag, der
nicht versucht den Anschein von Objektivität zu erwecken. Gonzo heißt
das oder so, aber vielleicht passt das so nicht. Egal. In Berlin ist es
eiskalt. Ich habe meine lange Unterhose in Wien gelassen, weil ich fest
darauf hoffte, dass spontan der Frühling einbricht. So bin ich. Jetzt
habe ich Halsweh, brauche aber ein Bier, weil das Leben so freundlich zu
mir ist und mich heftig durchbeutelt. Wo trinke ich das? In diesem Café
im Haus der Kulturen der Welt, wo ich bis jetzt noch nie ein Trinkgeld
gegeben hab. Wo die Steckdosen an der Decke sind. Wo mir der Urs (unser
lieber Austauschbekannter aus der Schweiz, der draußen die
Hardware-Kochperformance macht und den es auch nicht mehr freut, für 200
Euro gesamt jeden Abend in der Kälte zu stehen, wo nach der dritten
Performance doch eh keiner mehr zusieht) hat mir heute gesagt, dass man
nicht an diesen Feuerlöschteilen an der Decke ankommen darf, weil sonst
das ganze Haus der Kulturen geflutet wird. Mit Löschwasser oder so.
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