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blowing, 2nd part

spanish pavillon

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Ruben ramos balsa, bowling
two tables, two monitors. Stereo sound that somehow interacts with a tube that does bubbles into a glass of water. weired, melodic sound, from a piano that is used in a cageous style. This is the first stop of our journey through giardini: the spanish pavillon

blowing, 2nd part

Ruben ramos balsa. Spain

here you see the installation from a different perspective. thru a tube, air is being pumped into the glass where it bubbles. on the video screen on the right, a boy blows into the other end of the tube. blowing halt..

ruben balsa, on the waters edge
this is another installation of ruben balsa. one the one side a camera attached to a glass. the other is a beamer, where the cam sends its picture to. if you blow on the surface of the water, the picture on the beamer shows some nice patterns. ruben really seems to be quite into ehrm blowing..

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