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share08, OWL PROJECT (UK), “sound lathe workshop”

to lathe sound? what a curious idea, but after we have talked to the sympathetic guys named: “OWL PROJECT”, it finally made sense.

A carpenter’s workshop transforms the sounds of working wood (cutting, sawing, and fixing together) into genuine small objects with the help of a “sound lathe”. This machine records audio data coming from real hand-working processes and mixes them with the dust, sawdust and sounds of the workshop to produce unique, one-off, often flawed objects that become a sort of material souvenir of how we construct furniture.

watch the video to see how exiting it is to make sound with such an simple thing as wood and a carving knife.

if you appreciate good things like italien food, good wine and you also have a big crash on media art, the share festival in torino (IT) is the place to be right know. the italiens know how to make things perfect for bon vivants like they created a own wine label with the same sujet than the festival. impressively genial!

share grafitti

the guest curator of the festival is no less than bruce sterling. you may not connect him with media art but more with cyperpunk – but if you know his novels its quite clear that he is having an elusive good feeling for art. i am especially thinking of the episode in “schismatrix” were lindsay (main character) got the first contact to the just arriving aliens and is accidental perceived as an artist as he caused an explosion:

“are you the artist?”
“yes,” lindsay said. he pointed at the screen. “notice the subtle shading effect where our recent blast darkend the sculpture.”
“we noticed the explosion,” the alien said. “an unusual artistic technique.”
“we are unusual,” lindsay said. “we are unique.”

(citation schismatrix)

sonar the art experience, delicate boundaries

chris sugrue (us)
delicate boundaries

delicate boundaries 1delicate boundaries 2

actually i really enjoyed this installation, maybe it was the still little child in me that likes to roam around in backyards, pick up worms and try to get them moving on my arms.
in this installation you can have this feeling in a clean digital way, if you touch the screen the litle creatures are starting to cross the border of the screen and crawl along your hands…so cute!

sonar the art experience

by ka and axolotl

even though sonar is mostly known for the electronic music part we are arty eneugh to almost skip the music part and go straight on to the multimedia section. clearly for our coverage we will focus on that “mostly” secret part of the festival!
the multimedia section was split into: sonarmatica, sonarama, sonarcinema, sonarextra and sonar a la carte.( wow what fantastic creativity of name creations) sonarmatica the multimedia exhibition features the topic magic. sonarama takes place in the casm (centro de arte santa monica) and shows high level multimedia live performances. sonarcinema: the name stands for itselfs and finally sonarextra presents external exhibitions.

now with the experience of all the different components of the festival, its quite clear that the day part is the much more sophisticated one. of course the nightly sessions have amazing names to offer, but the huge number of people and the humongous size of the stages (four) provokes nightmare-like impressions. you feel quite anonymous, lost and like a walking wallet. furthermore, to top the size of the halls they put an autodrom into the fetival area! no joke!

sonar autodrom

but suprisingly the day program is challenging, acts like khan of finland, planningtorock, fm3 featuring blixa bargeld (video) and even the buddha machine startled us. their unusual performances were presenting more than performing only music but going into various levels of performance art.
in the following articels we will present some single artworks to give you an overview of what the festival had to present.

one day of off offf

is famous for a lot of things, for the lovely beaches, palmtree avenues, interior design shops on every corner, parties, pakistanis selling beer and samosas on every plaza all night long, its modernistic and contemporary architecture, its fashion victims and their bad taste for glasses, all those fucking “guiris” and last but no t least the great number of festivals (i daresay each weekend one)
one of them is the OFFF festival that features current movements in multimedia design. it takes place at the CCCB (curios all thes triple letter words for festivals and museums here).
but it seems to be a quite barcelonian problem that for locals its hard to manage to buy tickets on time because of the maniac number of foreigners who want to connect with all the lovely advantages that this city has to offer.
so it results that the tickets were sold out one whole month before the fesival actually took place. even our guest (erasmus paid holiday) university BAU didn’t manage to get tickets for their studens (us).
so the only thing that we ended up being able to do is stroll around the festival chillout area, which was outside, and find out when and how the people got their tickets and if there were any freebies.
how you might have figured out already this article not really treats the art that took place at the festival, no, its about the art of getting a ticket.
so find out for yourself how the people did it:

actually it was quite interesting to talk to all those people visiting the festival because we found out a few interesting things: first of all few people paid the tickets themselves. lesser people really are from barcelona [!?$], you better get up earlier to buy your tickets (or get your fabulous press acreditation), this is the best way to get in touch with the creative lot, and the feeling in this city is like a “piefkesaga” in disneyland with people who talk catalan instead of tyrolean.
in the end we felt like outcasts because we were the only ones without those shiny glowing neon unreachable bracelets.
the issue

we didnt catch OFFF here in barcelona but we just might make it half way round the globe to OFFF in mexico…

if you like to know more about offf, read some résumés:
*h2omagazine (spanisch)
*ntmy (english)

and some slasher:
*otro blog más (spanisch)
*tink (english)

performance rebekah wilson

first impressions+resonante memory traces

Now, just arrived at Transmediale and, like last year, it’s quit hard to choose what to see and what not…There are the Studio, the StudioII, the Salon, the exhibition and about four or even more outside locations…!
Plus: You always meet interesting people you want to spent a lot of time with. If you are in media art, this place feels like after a bath and all the foam is finally melting (just before is going down the drain ;)
Anyway, sometimes after many talks and meet and greetz, surprisingly, I had the chance to attend a performance. In this case by The Austrian Institute for Media Archaeology, who were presenting themselves with four different performances.

Here are some impressions of them:

turntable improvisation
von ushi reiter
live-visuals: julia starsky

ctm musiktips

ein kleiner ueberblick von einem echtem pro, mister dj alive:
“also des programm is musikalisch ned übermässig, aber ein paar gustostückelr sind natürlich immer dabei….

dieser mesterhazy spielt super electronica/experimental sets .. da is wahrscheinlich der abend recht nett obwohli niemanden sonst kenn.

der abend wo noze spielt, der aber sicher der langweiligste act an dem abend sein wird schaut echt gut aus … vor alllem feadz und der jay haze mitseinem neuen fuckpony projekt … lecker – wenn man drauf steht.

und natürlich rechenzentrum(magichnichtso) und pole!!!! band … wenn das ser deutsche pole is dann isses super elktronischer minimal dub .. und der tip des programms.

ich hoff ich hab alle klarheiten beseitigt”

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