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exclusive interview: anonymous at transmediale

exclusive interview with ?anonymous? at the transmediale, talking about the secret shit behind the scenes of #tm11. if this is true it will be a big disaster. recorded at haus der kulturen der welt 6.2.2011

Amelia Andersdotter: „Repair“ Democracy Maxwell Salzberg: Creating Diaspora

The „Open Source Life“ Symposium was one of many great series of talks at Ars Electronica 2010 (video archive) with Saskia Sassen, Richard Sennet (watch), Joichi Ito (Creative Commons), Richard Kriesche (interview coming soon), Geert Lovink (up next) and many more on stage to discuss life, work, visions, sustainability, initiatives, freedom, transparency, open source mindsets, open source structures, societies and change.

Amelia Andersdotter (blog, twitter, artikel) – Pirate Party Member of the European Parliament on (post)representative democracy, decisions, time, treaties, transparency and future scenarios:

Maxwell Salzberg is one of the founders of Diaspora, a new distributed, sensible social network. They collected funds at kickstarter where many interesting projects can be given money. Diaspora will start in October 2010, but they released their (ruby) source code to the general public..  today!


The Ubiquitous #unibrennt Cloud Club 2 Podium


Interview with Alex Adriaansens and Siegfried Zielinski, transmediale advisory board members

Interview, Camera, Edit: Emanuel Andel

Corpora in Si(gh)te

by doubleNegatives Architecture

A walk through the exhibition with Stephen Kovats, Artistic Director of transmediale.09

Part 1, interview in german

light, sweet, cold, dark, crude

Ælabs – LSCDC Performance at Transmediale 2009, 30.1.

Interview with Gisèle Trudel and Stèphane Claude

Sonolevitation – Evelina Domnitch and Dmitry Gelfand with TeZ

“The Earth is the cradle of humanity, however, it is impossible to spend one’s entire life in a cradle.” This quote from Constantin Eduardovich Tsiolkovsky, a Russian rocket engineer, is the starting point for Evelina Domnitch and Dmitry Gelfand’s speculative performance on the suspension of gravity. The reduction of gravitational effects may evoke emancipatory associations, yet such conditions predominate in our universe. In a spacecraft, among the most efficient ways to transport nearly all gases, liquids, and powders, is by means of a phenomenon known as acoustic levitation. In Domnitch and Gelfand’s ‘Sonolevitation‘, slivers of gold are acoustically suspended by a standing wave. A microphone monitors the slivers’ modulation of the levitatory wave: the slightest change in the sliver’s position has highly audible consequences. Sonolevitation is the first in a series of projects by the artists which explore microgravitational, near-vacuous environments. The capacity to create artworks in such spaces, permits the actuation of altogether unforeseen optical and acoustic processes. Especially for this performance, the artists have joined forces with TeZ, who creates a live quadraphonic setting of Sonolevitation. (

Performance by Rudolfo Quintas

We’re sorry for the f*c’d up sound quality – the mircophone gave up in the 1st second, we hope to get to properly recorded material soon!

UPDATE: Now with proper sound!

Tantalum Memorial

Everybody uses mobile devices and computers. Less people know you need a very rare mineral called “tantal” to fabricate microchips this size, soon making it more precious than gold. This very moment, cruel wars are fought over this metal in Congo, resulting in more than 3.6 million deaths to date. The tantalum memorial was created in rememberence of this wars´ victims. In a very unique way, ancient telephone technology, the congolese community in london and storytelling are combined, resulting in the extrordinary piece “tantalon memorial”. a living memorial in a way, through which stories can be told and peolpe are connected, reminging us of the blood dripping from our stylish new devices.

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