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this year transmediale was back in Haus der Kulturen der Welt which is a big and perfect location for such an event. Not only because again it was gathering people from allround the world related to the digital art bubble for communication, inspiration and conspiration.

and conspire. was even the theme of this years transmediale. but the fact that an artwork is incomprehensibly not necessarily means that it´s conspirativ – some works in the exhibtion were hard to /unpack – not only because of a missing text which might give you an idea. But i think it´s a strange human habbit anyway to try to comprehend everything. and if you need to satisfy your understanding of art reception – insert a coin.

documentation of the festival, like lectures and interviews can be found on transmediale archiv and here

digital theremin workshop

part of the club transmediale were the xxxxx-workshops which where held in the ballhaus naunyn. i tried to participate in all the workshops, but due to lack of sleep and a missed flight to berlin i only participated in the digital theremin workshop which was held by andrey smirnov from the theremin center in moscow and derek holzer. smirnov introduced us to the history of the known theremin instrument and lots of interesting info about leon theremin and his other inventions and his connections to secret services.


after a short introduction of pd by derek holzer, who also curated the worskhop series together with Martin Howse, we started to play around with the small digital theremin boards connected either via arduino board or via the standard mic/line input of our computers… pretty cool stuff the small digital theremin boards – because of digital tuning of the two oscillators it is very convenient and usefull even for installations, because there is no need for manual tuning which is a problem for analog theremins. so this was really a very good and interesting workshop which i was happy to attend. it was organized by pickledfeet and they are very active in knowledge transfer – so watch out for upcoming events.


little advice in the end : don´t try pd on macbooks with leopard yet – it nearly destroyed my computer, because it didn´t go to sleep mode after i closed it.

Interview battle: Gordan Savicic vs. Emanuel Andel

Da uns der Schirm etliche neue Spielformen bietet und ich mir nicht sicher war ob es ok ist es an mich selbst per Interview auf einem Blog feature den ich mitbetreibe, haben wir abgesehen vom Schirm noch ein neues Format entwickelt: Das Interviewbattle – Gordan vs. Emanuel

Gordan erklärt im ersten Teil des Videos seine Projekt “Constraint City”, nit dem er infolge den 3. Preis den Transmediale Awards gewonnen hat. Emanuel Andel präsentiert seine Arbeit “Knife.Hand.Chop.Bot”. umbr.ella

Following the great concept of ella esque we built a mobile interview environment which is equipped with a bird-view camera and a microphone inside the umbrella. that makes it possible to use low-qual. cameras but still provide proper sound. Beside the technical advantages this setup provides the interview team with an own space – no matter where the interview takes place. we have to admit that our first interviews are still lacking in terms of audio quality, but we’re on our way..

+ a BIG THANK YOU to the guys from LM/LN, without their [great skills/working place/mental support]:help we couldn’t have managed to realize it!! Thanks

Moving Forest with Superbertram squatting HKW

Another group of Moving Forest Action was supported by Superbertram, the streaming bot guy who i am. I ended up being locked to the building and doing public video broadcasting for 3 days and nights at the castle.. You find the Flickr-sets at

chat @ maria @ transmediale.08

chat by aram bartholl is a mobile messaging system – people with portable keyboards – followed by moving speech bubbles – projecting the messages above their heads. you might know aram bartholl from his other works like TV-Filter and Random Screen


videos of transmediale.08

a playlist of some videos i found on youtube..


24 hours docu of a performance. 70 workers dismantle and rebuild a wooden sculpture representing the time. every minute it had to be rebuild again. by mark formanek, datenstrudel @ exhibtion – transmediale.08 – conspire.

the special player @ c-base

the special player performance is a project from 02L and was a external event of Transmediale – took place in berlins spacestation c-base. it was a special performance, but also functioned as an interactive installation where people were invited to freak the dancefloor…

moving forest

people with wooden guns screaming and attacking presidential house… other people in front of the bundestag running around with gameconsoles waiting for instructions… red alert ? don´t worry, just follow the instructions…. but who is moving us ? who gives the instructions ? and where is all this noise coming from ? forest in the center of berlin ? ok, we follow …
video from the radio gun revolt (part of moving forest) :

due to some codec problems i couldn´t edit my material from the DS revolt part… but gordo made a a wrapped up audio mix and pictures of the event
and i found describing words from gordo on youtube (thx 2 xavier)…

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