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A walk through the exhibition with Stephen Kovats, Artistic Director of transmediale.09

Part 1, interview in german

sonar the art experience

by ka and axolotl

even though sonar is mostly known for the electronic music part we are arty eneugh to almost skip the music part and go straight on to the multimedia section. clearly for our coverage we will focus on that “mostly” secret part of the festival!
the multimedia section was split into: sonarmatica, sonarama, sonarcinema, sonarextra and sonar a la carte.( wow what fantastic creativity of name creations) sonarmatica the multimedia exhibition features the topic magic. sonarama takes place in the casm (centro de arte santa monica) and shows high level multimedia live performances. sonarcinema: the name stands for itselfs and finally sonarextra presents external exhibitions.

now with the experience of all the different components of the festival, its quite clear that the day part is the much more sophisticated one. of course the nightly sessions have amazing names to offer, but the huge number of people and the humongous size of the stages (four) provokes nightmare-like impressions. you feel quite anonymous, lost and like a walking wallet. furthermore, to top the size of the halls they put an autodrom into the fetival area! no joke!

sonar autodrom

but suprisingly the day program is challenging, acts like khan of finland, planningtorock, fm3 featuring blixa bargeld (video) and even the buddha machine startled us. their unusual performances were presenting more than performing only music but going into various levels of performance art.
in the following articels we will present some single artworks to give you an overview of what the festival had to present.


video by julia staudach. check her youtube channel
now something very controverse. we all know that transmediale moved to akademie der künste because of the whole lot more of exhibition space thats offered there. now, its rather absurd that the space is not used, but reduced to less than half, as seen at the past festival. i dont want to criticise the selection of works being showed, since its the jury’s personal descision. but just see for yourself…
also this video only shows a small exzerpt of only some of the exhibited works.

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