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RPM – Revolutions per Minute

The cybernetic model visualizes existing interrelations of social processes and spatial dimensions. Two elastic layers made out of fabric are held vertically by threads and can be moved by computer-controlled motors. Movement within a certain radius around the object is tracked by sensors.
The position and distance of a person defines the algorithm of how the layers change their form. Between the layers a continuously changing landscape will appear; deformed, distorted (constrained) space, an organism starts breathing, a living-thing reacts on its environment; a pulsing body communicates.

resonance Sound Workshop

Nicolaj Kirisits und GordanSavicic erklärten in ihrem leider nicht sehr stark besuchten, nichts desto trotz aber sehr unterhalteneden und lehrreichen Workshop den praktischen Einsatz von Piezomikrophonen bei Performances – aber seht selbst:

re.sonance 07 up & running

The sonance.artistic.project launched the re.sonance07 festival with the presentation of the (mighty) festival catalogue including a DVD last friday in Vienna. The catalogue gives a pretty detailed overview of the actual digital culture scene in and around vienna.

resonance 07

It#s not easy to make your way trough the programme but it’s definitively worth a try. Especially the fact that a lot of exhibition and presentation venues are temporary art residences free of charge – very interesting story! it looks like it’s actually possible to get a temporary (unused) place to work on art projects. I’ll keep my eyes and ears open and try to get some more detailed information’s on this issue – a good time and place to find out more about this would be the vernisage of Franz Xavers exhibition “Biosphären” on Thursday 28th of November in the Lerchenfelderstrasse 65 – this place is used as a “Präkarium” since 2003, looks like a good place to start..

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