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se mi sei vicino

The interactive installation by sonia cillari “se mi sei vicino” is a masterpiece of implementing human-body-interface. “se mi sei vicino” means “If you are close to me”. A human body is standing on a platform which functions also as a big electromagnetic-field-sensor. Projections on the walls are like digital shadows with the viewpoint of a classical architectual principle (front- and side-view). These shadows consists of a physical modelling structure as an equivalent of the human body. so the image and the sound are reacting on the emf of the body, who reacts like an antenna… if somebody is getting closer the sensors recognizes the interference in the emf and affect image and sound of the installation. it´s a combination of performance and interaction.. dive into the performance as the actor not only passive spectator…


ok, you are walking through marienstrasse and suddenly somebody wants to hug u ? this somebody even try to kiss u out of nothing ? what are u doing ? start screaming and running away ? ok, either you met a person with mental disorder or you are in the middle of a performance ? alright, it´s ARS Electronica, so it has to be a performance ! so, where is the camera ? ah, no camera, just a guy with a mobile laughing about your reaction. and the person just kissed you turns around and keep on walking like a robot…. it´s Intriguee, a project by silver & hanne rivrud, it questions the role of simulation in our everyday lives, and tries to reverse the simulation back into reality…. who is the avatar actually ?

marienstrasse 7 – hot spot

this garage represents some great projects on a few square meters:

GRL – L.A.S.E.R. Tag

after being famous for their LED throwies actions in NY in 2006, this years big hit of the graffiti research lab was presented at the ars, the GRL L.A.S.E.R tag system. a beamer, a tracking unit and a small sound system are packed on this tricycle in order to make use of all the urban projection screens available. easy to install, funny to use. i had the chance to join them on a tour through linz industrial area – unfortunately i’m not able to cut the video right now, it will be available in 2 weeks.
see their video in the meanwhile..


Dash Macdonald – In Your Hands

i couldn’t join the performance and actually see how it works but the craftsmanship of this peace is really impressive. referring to the milgram experiments of the 70ties dash gives his the control over his movement in the hands of the audience by letting them control the movement of his roller skates via a remote control.
apparently dash macdonald is a student in the 2nd year of his studies at the RCA in london – keep an eye on that guy..


Andreas Steinhauser – md4-200 Drone

you can’t hear it but it can see you. i’ve seen some attempts to build something similar, but compared to this machine they all fail. it’s not the concept thats impressing about this project, it’s the fact that it works and it’s there that is alarming. the drone costs around 10000€, but andreas steinhauser presented at the 23c3 aleady a self-made drone they managed to build for 1000€. this is the video from the presentation at the 23C3, i show this one because he is explaining while presenting the drone. an german tv bulletin is ready for download here.


Cloaca – by Wim Delvoye (BE)

so finally there is a piece of art thats isn’t shit, but produces some.
it basically produces human excrement without a human body. the machine is fed with everyday food, and the excrement that it produces can not be differentiated from human shit – even not in laboratory tests.

the windows are open for a good reason, because when they weren’t this piece of art/shit took over the whole 1st level of the, so try to imagine the olfactory part of the piece.

Augmented Sculpture v. 1.2 – by Pablo Valbuena *****

here we are: my personal favourite of this festival: since i had the chance to interview the artist i don’t need to bore anyone with my thoughts about the peace – just check out this 2 videos:

Sirenen – by Ray Lee

This performance was one of the reasons why i was really happy to be at the ars.

it started quite slow – including my nervous soul getting bored – but as soon as a few of the pieces were turned on and rotating, a really great sound collage emerged which i fear is impossible to document: you just have to stand between this swarm of speakers in order to experience this installation. here is a short movie anyway to give you an impression:

Dr. Whippy – by Demitrios Kargotis

the more unhappy you are, the more ice cream you need – thats the simple principle of this machine.
the concept says that i the machine uses a voice stress analysis in order to figure out how much ice cream you need – but see yourself:

thank you james for beeing the best proband ever!


amagatana means “rainy sword” in japanese. it´s an umbrella with bluetooth connection making sounds when being moved. it has been developed by yuichiro katsumoto at the keio university inakage lab in japan.

watch the performance @ marienstrasse @ ars electronica 2007.

Ars Electronica Festival 2007 – The Monster

we’re there to cover it at the moment, a lot of nice stuff, a lot of crab – and a lot of secondlife.
if you want to contribute media flies please join the flickr group or the youtube group .

as i mentioned before, the show is overwhelming. beside of all the well known exhibition venues, this year the “marienstrasse” is also used as an exhibition space on something like 30 spots, which gives the whole festival a complete different look and feel. i like ;) – but still: impossible to cover all oft the stuff, so we’ll just pick out our personal highlights and present them here. according to this, this will be – at least my – first & last 2ndlife post:

come back for more soon…

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