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a new breathtaking, freaky work at las palmas is the by 5VOLTCORE

5VOLTCORE… the guys with the nasty robots… their work shockbot “corejulio” won at transmediale05 and since that travels all the relevant media art festivals and exhibitions. The is their new work, first time presented at DEAF07.

Do you have the guts to put your hand inside a robot, who does the knife hand game ? interact and die ? or just cry ?

adrenaline guaranteed !

description by 5voltcore :

5VOLTCORE is about to build a self-fulfilling cybernetic system, that plays with the senses and perceptions of the User and the sensors and the processes of the Machine.

The Robot is equipped with a knife that the Machine uses to s(t)imulate the test of courage – a kind of game known as “Mumblety-Peg”. The User puts his/her hand into the Machine and starts the knife game at the push of a button. The knife starts to hit the space between the fingers, first slowly then continually getting faster. The Machine knows where to chop by receiving signals of a sensor that guides the knife to the place between the fingers.

Electric contacts are mounted on the support block of the Machine, where the hand is situated. These contacts are activated as soon as the first “nervous sweat” appears that turns the skin into a conductor. Subsequently the computer becomes disturbed by the electric current that is now transmitted via the skin.

This has two effects: on the one hand, sounds are generated by the closure of the contacts (circuit bending) that can either be interpreted as warning or act as an additional source of stress. On the other hand, they can have an effect on the position of the knife which is controlled by the computer and thereby hurt the potential perpetrator of the disturbance.

Essential to the set-up is the the feedback loop i.e. the circularity between computer, robot and User. It instantiates the notion of a self-fulfilling prophecy:
The human is right by assuming that the Machine can fail. The Machine can fail because the human assumes.

This puts the courage or mettle of the User to the test. In case the User can’t keep their trust in the Machine and start to sweat, this “embodied rationality” causes fear and sweat that pertubates the function of Machine.

The work is about the a fascinating paradox that results from this close relationship between humans and artifacts. A fascination that tries to run a risk and avoid it at the same time.
Therefore we like games that, by playing them, put their rules to the test.

seminar interrupting realities @ deaf07

The Seminar interrupting realities was about artistic approaches to mixed reality. About possibilities, visions and the borders between virtual and real, 2nd life and 1st life.

A very interesting project in the virtual world of art is common grounds from workspace unlimited (founded by Thomas Soetens and Kora Van den Bulcke) Startet in Belgium it has 3 terminals (Ghent, Montreal and Rotterdam) This Terminals are in the physical environment of the virtual space you can explore. So you walk virtualy through the building you are in – you are doublepresent, physical and virtual. Your virtual representation is not only your avatar walking around, it´s also your image is transported into the world of workspace unlimited. In different rooms you have different possibilities of interaction. e.g. in a conferenceroom, you can comunicate with other users – their webcamimages are projected virtualy on the walls of the conferenceroom.

EI 4 (Exercise in Immersion 4) from Marnix de Nijs also connects physical with simulated world, a game starting on the border to reality. Wearing a special designed crashsuit with camera and HMD you start in the electronic reproduction of your surrounding physical world. But starting to move around – an unknown virtual environment is taking over. You should be familiar with his work Run Motherfucker Run.

Another very interesting speaker was Armando Menicacci (F), director of Laboratoire Médiadanse, Anomos He talked about the complexity of movement and gestures of a body, problems of tracking and analysing the data… It´s like dancing and sports, while sports has objective measureable datas, dance is based on subjective expression. Out of a tracked movement you will not get an expression or meaning of the movement, just datas like direction, position & duration. to get an idea of what he was talking about you can check the video of the tracking workshop, which he hold together with Christian Delecluse, Cyrille Henry (pmpd-library), Sher Doruff (Waag Society, Amsterdam), Stan Wijnans Cliff Randell from the University of Bristol, UK

After a livechat in 2nd life the seminar closed with a realtimeperformance in 2nd life from David “DC” Spensley (US), a.k.a. DanCoyote Antonelli (Second Life), cultural producer and artist.

2nd life – either u like it or not. more boring than 1st life ? or is it getting your real life allready ? as a somehow copy of existing physical world it´s not a 2nd life i am interested in. why does it need gravity ? even the architecture looks like in our known physical world, and the avatars have human bodies. i better stay in 1st life ! where i don´t need a mouse to move around ! and just integrate my virtual presence in 1st life, but not in realtime !

but have a look at the performance from David “DC” Spensley – skydancer. at least he disconnects gravity

evening of ludic society @ deaf07

Marguerite Charmante in collusion with Fleshgordo created the Ludic Society in Bilbao Spain in 2005 as an international association of game practitioners and thinkers who seek to provoke the new artistic research discipline of ludics or indulgent play. Usually for members only, on this night anyone could gamble for membership.

realplay ! the evening started with a play taking 5 people out of the audience with the mission to bring and rfid-tagged flower to their instructed destination. with googleearth overlay you could follow the game. rfid-tags. in your body – in your city. tag your environment, tag your life, tag or die !! play life ! go ape ! the ludics have very good ideas about plays. they extend the field and connect virtual with physical world, move your bones – not the mouse. they sell play ! no games !

more videos from exhibtion @ deaf07

SE/30 (Code31) is an installation of 20, almost 20 year old Macintosh SE-computers. The installation is based on the principle of cellular automata, every SE/30 is a cel that adapts to its environment and forms collaborative patterns. The sound is modulated and the images are plotted by the status of each computer that generates the sound and images. In the realm of General Midi and Quicktime Musical Instruments the aesthetics of failure are a necesity. Digital artefacts distort mobile phone-like timbres to abstract structures…

experiments in galvanism (by Garnet Hertz) A miniature webserver is implanted in the body of a frog specimen, which is suspended in a clear glass container. Through an ethernet cable connected to the embedded webserver, remote viewers can trigger movement in either the right or left leg of the frog, thereby updating Luigi Galvani’s original 1786 experiment causing the legs of a dead frog to twitch simply by touching muscles and nerves with metal.

Surrounded (Yang Zhenzhong) is a circular installation of 8 synchronized videos. It explores the contemporary preoccupation with questions of identity and perception, and the ability of images to turn apathy into anticipation, and ordinariness into desirability.

amazon noir @ deaf07 in cooperation with Paolo Cirio, Alessandro Ludovico are digitaly stealing books from amazon.

las palmas exhibition @ deaf07

las palmas… sounds like sea, beach and cocktails ! but it´s the name of a recently upgraded building on a small old-harbour-like corner on the other side of erasmusbridge. it used to be a small piece of freedom there, before they build the bridge. people living on boats, squatter in the brick building, which is now adapted and called Las Palmas. surrounded by towers of business. things are changing, when cities are growing and bridges are built.

the exhibtion is in the basement of the building, in a dark hall with big cement-columns, which has very special atmosphere for the works shown. it somehow starts to suck u inside…. into the black hole – full of strange freaky interacting media art. a real good selection and overview of worldwide contemporary electronic art.

Before entering the mainhall you pass by a ladder consisting of 24 TV screens stacked up to a vertical column. Go Up! Go Up! (by Hu Jie Ming) On the screens you see someone climbing up. The audience intervenes the climbing scene by either shouting at them or making noises, the climbers fall down hopelessly, and start to climb once again.

object b @ deaf07

Object B (by exonemo) presents a modified first-person 3-D shooting game with real objects connected to a virtual-reality setting. Robotic objects made of computer parts, electric tools, and a control terminal for players trigger automatic commands, according to which the game develops. By controlling the game characters with vibration and shocks from the power tools, the system enables a myth of connecting the global abstract theme to the sense of local materiality to be repeated between reality and fiction.

as we lost revver and all our videos there, here is one form iskandr smit

death before disko 3.1 @ deaf07

Death Before Disko 3.1 (from Herwig Weiser) brings us back to the raw components, it exposes the innards of our technology in all their complexity and beauty. The work plays on associations with popular media culture by sculpting with plastics, metals and magnetic liquids, instead of showing the fetishized end results of informational transport technology. The sculpture visualizes live input from outer space noises which have been sampled from various internet sources.

a hypnotic outer space tube of pulsating energy !

ondulation @deaf07

Ondulation (by Thomas McIntosh) with Mikko Hynninen and Emmanuel Madan) is a composition for water, sound and light. A two ton pool of water is set into motion using sound, beams of light are projected onto the surface of the water and reflect onto a projection screen. The pool becomes a liquid mirror that is slowly sculpted into perfect three-dimensional expressions of a musical composition. a very aesthetic and poetic piece of art. Hard to transport this slightly psychedelic visual spectacle through video. u better go and watch it !

morphing machinery & mobi @ deaf07

morphing machinery and mobi, two works from the canadian artist Graham Smith.

morphing machinery explores the world of nanotechnology, and takes as it thematic foundation a new urban landscape filled with transforming machines and architectural forms in motion. Just as plants grow and alter their structures over time our machines, buildings and environments may in the future reconfigure themselves based on environmental and programming influences. Our cities will then become alive in a real sense as they will change and evolve in ways that more resemble the growth in a forest. This project is a collaboration between the artist, Willem de Kooning Academie students and Cybercity Ruhr

mobi is a human sized telepresence robot that users remotely control to move through distant environments, see through its camera eye, talk through its speakers and hear via its microphone ear. Simultaneously a life sized image of themselves is projected onto the robots LCD face, creating a robotic avatar. MOBI allows people to “explore far away art shows, attend distant presentations and make public appearences from anywhere on earth, thus helping to reduce air travel and reduce global warming”.

as we lost all our videos on revver, here is one from CybercityR

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