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Secrets Trilogy by Reynold Reynolds @tm11

The exhibition opened with the transmediale 2011 and runs until 3.4.2011. He told me that the exhibition space will function as a studio also where he is going to work on a new shooting series while the public can watch him and his team in progress. If you are in berlin by that time, you should not miss it. I had the pleasure to get Reynold Reynolds under the tagR.umbrella to talk about his work.

Digital Art Festival 2010 in Sofia

I spent a wonderful week in beautiful Sofia at the second edition of the Digital Art Festival. It was a small, but fantastic event organized by the National Academy of Art in Sofia. Apart from the professional and very nice team i met a lot of interesting artists like Paul Granjon, who´s hilarious approach to human<>machine interaction inspires me a lot, or Mark Coniglio who held a workshop with his Software “Isadora” – the first SW i paid for and worked a lot for live visuals and video-dance-performances. I also got to know Reynold Reynolds, a fascinating film maker who studied at Stan Brakhage and his very distinctive philosophical visual language is just breathtaking. He exhibited his two screen video installation “six appartments“, which won last years distinction award at the Transmediale.

Oh, and there was Brian Kneb, a very nice guy, who creates interactive installations with a great organic style. The way he works with code is fascinating. For me as a total rookie in coding it is such a mind twisting field of teaching a computer the rules and dynamics of nature. Super interesting was that out of his work with code and classical digital interaction he started some “real life” experiments with multicellular organism interacting with bacteria taken from his own body. I should not forget hexler, who exhibited a generative installation experimenting with the analysis of psychologist Hermann Rorschach. And besides some nice drinking and fun time together he managed to teach a processing workshop at the festival.

I had the pleasure to get a walk through the exhibition with the two main organizers and curators of the festival, Galina Dimitrova and Venelin Shurelov, who also teaches at the Digital Art Master Program of the Academy. The walk is splitted into two parts. The first is the main exhibition in the Gallery space and the second one presents student works from the Digital Art Program of the Academy, the Animated Film Department of Zagreb University and the Digital Art class of the University of Applied Arts in Vienna.

Something i have to point out is that most of the Presentations and Performances were streamed live and are available to watch on demand as well. Like this very interesting talk by Don Foresta about a “New Renaissance”

DA Fest 2010 Main Exibition Gallery:

DA Fest 2010 Student exhibition space:

visual impressions ARS 2009

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Six Appartements by Reynold Reynolds

interview with reynold reynolds 30/01/09 about his video installation six apartements. Winner of the transmediale 2009 distinction.

Interview: Peter Schlager
Camera: Florian Steinringer, Sophie-Carolin. Wagner
Edit: Sophie-Carolin. Wagner

Distinction to Reynold Reynolds



Reynolds’s video installation Six Appartments is a poetic narration of resignation and decline which documents the life of six people in their apartments. The inhabitants live isolated, unaware of each other, without drama – they eat, sleep, watch television – even though their lives are overshadowed by mass media generated problems of the larger world and the upcoming ecological crisis. Their connection to the world is located elsewhere: It can be found in the microscopic process of decomposition of their bodies, food and living spaces, and in their passive existence towards consumption which, with every moment, brings them closer to their deaths. In Reynolds’ composition of images, with their strong Vanitas-motifs, the human being does not have control of its own life. reynold-reynolds.com/six

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