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frame(o)ut – digital film festival in Vienna @ Museumsquartier

Oh how much I love Vienna in summertime! Cool fresh summer breeze… to be open air just somewhere around… and enjoying Viennas great cultural summer programm. I just came home from the opening night of the frame(o)ut festival that is currently going on – open air – in the Museumsquartier. Every friday and saturday night – from the 4th July to the 30th August – you have the chance to watch new digital short movies, open air with head phones.
So don’t forget to bring your driving licens or passport to get those radio headpones so that you can enjoy the videos with maximum sound without disturbing the sleepy neighbours….

What your’re gonna see for exemple are some great short films or music videos from the newest onedotzero compilation. Cause Onedotzero – the well known digital film festival and production company from London – is one of fram(o)ut’s cooperation partners as well as the real time generation fesitval that is also going on at the Museumsquartier. Further partners are Pictoplasma from Berlin, sixpackfilm, vienna independent shorts and ASIFA.

And here for you…some shorts of the shorts. Enjoy!

Demoscene Special “run demo run” # 1realtime generation festival

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