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fight club @ donaufestival

realtekken ! the people from god´s entertainment know how to cross the borders between reality and game. it really made me happy to see this manic performance, especially because the music-program this evening was kind of chippy. the performance took place in a backdoor-room of the stadtsaal and there were only limited tickets. while people were gathering inside you could feel the atmosphere of somethings going to happen and you already could smell perspiration and violence. it was mesmerising to feel the tuning of the common mood when the first fighters were beating each other. i am not fascinated in fights and even don’t play computer-games, but you couldn’t escape this ecstatic atmosphere. i was even playing in the final round. ok, i (we) lost, but it was a crazy feeling to move a real body by pushing buttons.

it works like this – there are 2 players with controllers & 2 real fighters connected through light-signals on the floor. the player pushes the controller and the fighter sees the light-signal and moves the corresponding limb. very interesting was that two players declared a strike and didn’t want to push the buttons. “ok, if we don’t play – u don’t have to fight” – a pretty ineffective effort of political correctness, because they were immediately mocked. but actually a wise statement ;-)

the rules were clear and everyone intended to play – even the fighters, so no one was forced. but the fighters definitely felt the pain of the hits caused by the players.

real pain !! not just subtracted points !!!

one difference to computer-games was also that the fighters were the real heroes and not the players, and of course they really deserved it !!

lounge @ donaufestival

Krems, known as a kind of conservative city in lower austria is the mainspot of the annual contemporary music & art festival “donaufestival“. Tomas Zierhofer-Kin and his team are bringing international high quality program to krems. read his statement. Apart from international contemporary musicprogram, which is the mainpart of the festival, it shows new pulsing mediaart and performances. This years theme was “unprotected games” and a not to be missed work in this context is of course the painstation

another immersive installation in the lounge was “pause” from

Lynn Pook & Julien Clauss

u lay down in a hammok, get earplugs, get connected with contactspeakers, close your eyes & disconnect normal perception.
relax & go deeply inside. its like lying in a samadhi-tank.
you can hear your heart beat … poch poch ! but is it really your heart beating ?
… your bones making sounds – or just your mind experiencing inner visions ?
noise & resonance…in your bones and in your body !

the sound u experience is a composed piece of 18 min.

also they found H.A.P.P.Y – the infomonster in the danube. a huge fluffy something is sitting in the lounge, next to a terminal, where u could ask this monster – and it had an answer for any question.

why didn´t u stay in danube ?

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