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The Ubiquitous #unibrennt Cloud Club 2 Podium

Danke http://unibrennt.tv!

ARS electronica 2010 … Pressekonferenz and more…

ARS electronica 2010 “repair – ready to pull the lifeline” starting the 2nd September 2010 will be presented at the former tabacco factory in Linz, a location that tells its own story about the moment of change that we are facing.

tagr.tv will be part of the ARS festival scenario as we have been invited by Aram Bartoll to join the Digital Communities Area (Bau 1, OG3). and of corse we will use this opportunity to tagr as much interessting projects, artists, etc. as we can!

PRIX ARS ELECTRONICA 2010 _ digital communities
one of the award winners in this category is the ubiquitous – #unibrennt cloud which was the origin for a European wide student movement criticizing our educational systems…. congratulations!!
CCC-Chaos Computer Club also won a price in this category.

to  get an idea of what you can expect we are featuring the recording of the press conference in Vienna, thx to the team of http://unibrennt.tv for the video!!

benefits tagR

internationale kontakte
tagR werden auf festivals im zuge ihrer arbeit internationale kontakte schliessen… networken auf 2.0 level!

tagR tv möchte je nach budget und festivalpriorität jedem tagR einen reisesupport zur verfügung stellen (reisehunderter)

wir unterstützen tagR mit leihhardware (cameras, akkus,…)

tagR tv bietet keine journalistenjobs
wir unterstützen interessierte, die aus eigenmotivation auf festivals reisen und von dort berichten möchten.

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