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Interpenetrating Systems @ Arse Elektronika: F**kzilla

To learn how to make computers more human, we have to f**k them.

Arse Elektronika’s sex and technology conference in San Francisco held 5-7th October 2007 at’s Pr0n Palace opened with a bang. Here a young cyberpunk woman engages in sex with a robot for the first time in media art history.

This video shows her, F**kzilla and operator Jacob Appelbaum preparing the next giant step for mankind by trying F**kzilla’s tongue chainsaw: “We have the technology.” (Jacob Appelbaum)

Arse Elektronika 2007

Wired, “So who wants to f**k a robot?”
The Register, “Rise of the f**king machines: Arse Elektronika bumps uglies with Web 2.0″
RE/Search, V. Vale on Arse Elektronika, Fri-Sun Oct 5-7, San Francisco

In my talk I explored the relationships and intersections between porn, art and politics. In my opening statement, I made two arguments1. We must understand pr0n as a medium of expression, criticism and resistance
2. Therefore we have to make pr0n a language of public discourse

My lecture covered a brief introduction to the work of the Serbian filmmaker Dušan Makavejev, a founding member of Yugoslavia’s oppositional “Black Wave”, famous for his groundbreaking films of Yugoslav cinema in the late 1960s and early 1970s.

Makavejev’s breakthrough and international recognition came with W.R.—Misterije organizma (W.R.—Mysteries of the Organism, 1971), a film that he described as “a fantasy on the fascism and communism of human bodies, the political life of human genitals, a proclamation of the pornographic essence of any system of authority and power over others.”

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