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OutOfContext – Interview between Rotterdam and Amsterdam

Don Satijn is a Dutch visual artist and educator. helped M. Eugenia Demeglio realising the project of interviewing him.

The interview took place between Rotterdam and Amsterdam, the 6th and 7th of June 2013. It featured: a walk in Rotterdam, a drive to Amsterdam and a visit to the artist’s exhibition in Gallery Nine in Amsterdam.

Transmediale 2013- Darkness Bright

As a collaborative program of transmediale and ctm-festival several audiovisual and audio performances were presented at the Haus der Kulturen der Welt to merge the ideas behind both festival themes:

“The synchronicity of different temporalities, the increasing blurriness of terms such as near and far, natural and synthetic, and the paradox of simultaneous excess and scarcity are all seen as effects of a dissolution of boundaries fomented by the digitalization of cultural artefacts and their production.”

At the previous evening Vanessa Ramos Velasquez performed together with A Guy Called Gerald “Coded Narratives” a retro-furistic, campfire type of experience for the audience as active participants. Articulated by the proto-programming language of Morse Code the audience was generating live the Sound via text input, handing around a tablet. The written words or just letters were screened at the front of the auditorium, so that everyone was able to read the messages, while A Guy Called Gerald was doing the composition.

After a miscarried attempt to get conversation through Skype with the infamous Chilean author, comic book writer, esoteric and filmmaker Alejandro Jodorowsky, two sci-fi inspired performances were shown:

Demdike Stare were appropriating Jodorowsky and Moebius imagery especially for this night.


The second performance by Gatekeeper takes us on an otherworldly tour through their fictive ecosystem “Exo”, a music and game environment.


Both are also engaged at the Donaufestival in Krems this year.

Transmediale 2013- Let There Be Light and Sound

Ray vibration explore in their performance WMSWF (We Make Sound With Fire) through heating, inflammation and cooling-down audio-visual qualities of various materials, remaining to an alchemical laboratory. They are working with candles, Bunsen burner and beeswax, also producing projections, made by overhead projectors, of heat-driven windmills, which simultaneously function as solar synthesizers.


Fluorescene, an improvised light and sound performance by Phillip Stearns, investigates the transmutability of sonic and visual medium through electromagnetism into trans-sensory experiences. Using energy saving light bulbs, light and electromagnetic interference is captured by different sensors and converted into sound. The amplified sound is then used to drive electricity back to the compact fluorescent lamps, completing an audio-visual feedback circuit.

Caution for epileptics: This performance contains strobe light! (Some people had to leave the room during the presentation. I myself was not so much affected, hiding behind the cam.)


DEAF-ElectronicArtFestival Rotterdam 2012 Crew- Terra Nova

“Crew” is a Brussels based company of artists and scientists, created by Eric Joris, which plays with the laws of perception, images and spaces.

For the immersive performance “Terra Nova” they took R.F.Scott´s fatal expedition to the South Pole in 1911 as a background, unfolding the steps and thoughts of the commander by Peter Vehelst´s text and addressing key issuses raised by neurologists and philosophers today, shattering the myth of the self.

“Terra Nova” is devised for 55 people separated in 5 groups to 11 persons which walk through different angles and perspectives of this piece, catching different roles.


dOCUMENTA(13) Fiona Hall

Fiona Hall, Nº76 Karlsaue, has turned a wooden house in the Karlsaue Park into a  ” hunter´s  den” where she is adorning the walls with creatures  placed on the IUCN Red List – categorized as vulnerable and endangered species. A metaphor for the embattled state and marginalization of these creatures,  the shredded camouflage garment also hints at the irony that these military disguises  are derived from  animal camouflage – one of nature´s inventions commandeered by modern warfare (text:  The Guidebook).

camera, editing kathrin stumreich

dOCUMENTA(13) Jérôme Bel

Jérôme Bel, Disabled Theater,  Nº26 Kaskade Cinema

In this project he works with the mentally disabled actors of the  Theater Hora, based in Zurich.
Intellectual  declension – i.e., mental disability – is generally thought of in terms of complete otherness to the condition of the intellectually keen and cultivated public of contemporary art. Jerome Bel chooses to  put  this handicap at the center of exactly this public´s attention, adopting it as a key to the reading of what enables us to think of a common dimension. He sheds light  on the dynamics of exclusion that leads to the marginalization of  those considered unabled to produce, exposing how, on the contrary , they are able to question the very mechanisms of representation, and to hint at existence as a non partitioned mode of presence ( text: The Guidebook).

camera, interview, editing kathrin stumreich

dOCUMENTA(13) Pedro Reyes

Pedro Reyes, Karlsaue  Nº 147

SANATORIUM is an ongoing performative project that involves eight types of therapy sessions offered to visitors of dOCUMENTA (13) “to treat urban ills.” The content and procedures for these sessions are prepared by the artist and carried out by art students who are trained by Reyes as therapists, analysts, and tutors to the visitors. Sanatorium aims to recover  the idea of Sociatry – a term coined in the 1930s by Jacob Levy Moreno, rather than aims to criticize  current institutional settings.

editing, camera, interview by teslaedison

weise7: the incompatible laboratorium

Honestly: I was about to be disappointed. The transmediale Award, a former highlight of the transmediale is gone – to be replaced with the ‘resource’ program, which is not there yet. One could wonder what happened to all the submission of the call? The transmediale exhibition as well as the club transmediale exhibition were all about ancient video works – a lot of them interesting, no doubt – but what happened to works outside of the rectangular format?
The guys of Weise7, this years artists in the ‘Labor Berlin‘ program of the HKW saved the day. In their exhibition weise7: the incompatible laboratorium they showcase a fine selection of works combining code & objects that show sophisticated concepts, fine craftsmanship and an an unusual high level of technical perfection – but hear the artists talk themselves:

camera: Andreas ‘muk’ Haider
editing: Emanuel Andel & Andreas ‘muk’ Haider

oder die Vibes der Mobile-phones…

Sie durchdringen unseren Alltag , die Vibes unserer Mobiltelefone, das zarte, rythmische Vibririeren, das dezent auf eine gehende Botschaften, Anrufe oder Termine hinweist, dann wenn es eigentlich still um uns sein sollte…. also dann, wenn wir uns entschlossen haben, ungestört zu sein,  aber doch nicht ganz bereit sind uns von der permanenten Erreichbarkeit auszuklammern. Unsere Sinne bleiben in Alambereitschaft….

Und die Suche nach dem Telefon, sie starten wir unmittelbar,  sobald dieses eindringliche Vibrieren loslegt, selbst den Tisch, die Bank, die Tasche in Schwingung versetzt.  Doch was, wenn die Suche erfolglos bleibt, und das einzige was gewiss beendet wurde, unsere Unterhaltung ist.

Aufmerksamkeitsungeziefer – ein kleines Medienkunstwerk, ein elektronischer Käfer, ausgestattet mit allen gängigen Handy Vibrationsrhytmen. Dessen einzige Aufgabe: lästig sein und diejenigen stören, die dort Ruhe suchen, wo er sich eingenistet hat….

Der Künstler Julian Palacz im Gespräch mit Esel Lorenz Seidler:

Kamera: Emanuel Andel, Andreas Muk Haider
Schnitt: Franziska Mayr-Keber
in Kooperation mit Coded Cultures


Coded Cultures: walk with the curators…

the three men behind the scenes….

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Interview: Franziska Mayr-Keber
Schnitt, Konzept: Nora Skrabania
Kamera: Kathrin Stumreich


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