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Gelitin Pavilion – Some like it hot!

Gelitin presented a wood fired glass melting furnance at the Venice Biennale 2011 in the Giardino della Vergini at the Arsenale. The text inserts are taken from an Interview with Tobias and Ali by Christian Egger. Video by Wasserbloom and Susanna Gartner, Cut by Wasserbloom. More information at www.gelitin.net/venezia2011

hyungkoo lee, mus animatus

hyungkoo lee, mus animatus

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Bones, bones, bones. Thats what we have in the korean pavillon. People assured me, that there were no human bones, the bits are made of magnesia. The skeleton you see on the pic is a replica of tom, from tom and jerry. Funny feature in all this morbidity…

yves netzmann, the subjectivisation of..

… Repetitation. The swiss pavillon shows a hybrid between classical paintings and video art. On a huge wall, rotated app. 45 degrees towards the spectator, i see surrealistic paintings of faceless, naked women eating chickenwings, while overlayed by 3d renderings. I can definitely state the fact, that yves is a better painter than 3d modeller. But who cares

herbert brandl, austrian pavillon

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