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  • Open Call !
    the non-profit audivisual project elmur.net and A.A.A (Abteilung für Alles Mögliche Berlin – Department for Everything Else) are organising a monthly screening of creative videos under the motto “Everything Else”.

    Is everything connected to everything else? What is “the other” and what is “me”? Is it another language, culture or point of view? Is it something I am not interested on, or may I just not know about it? … Is the everything else weird, mysterious, distant or ignored? Or beautiful, curious and inspiring? Is is out there? Or, is it inside? What is it that, we call the “Everything Else”?

    Best proposals will be served every first Tuesday of the month at A.A.A. in Berlin Mitte – Ackerstraße 18, 10115 – BERLIN (Germany) – MAP

    To enter the call just UPLOAD your creative videos at http://www.elmur.net & join the visual conversation among creative citizens from around the world.
    Be part of it!

    A.A.A is an open salon-style format in which we do things and present statements, which we in relation to the “All Other / all others”. Things that we find and put together. We collect ideas, expectations, set pieces and other snippets of a joint reflection on the phenomenon of “All Other / Others” Everybody wellcomed ; )

    More info
    http://www.a-a-a.cc/december.html / info@elmur.net

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