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Large Hot Pipes Orchester

Flaming Lotus Girls

while walking around the areal i saw this huge metal snake lying around there earlier, and couldn’t imagine this massive piece actually moves – well, i was proven wrong. this snake is not only able to move but also to burn like hell.

under the supervision of th charming FLG everybody was able to control either the flames or the head of the beast – nice one!

i then decided to go and check out where this noize came from and found out which kind of playground is provided for the kidz:

Survival Research Lab

their big performance was quite boring, but this little toy was quite impressive: four nozzles pointing in four different directions to direct this thing through space:

i’m still messing around with the *##+*:(##`g codec from the video snippets from their final show, as soon as i’m through with that i will update this post.

Robocross latest Piece

this robot from the robocross crew is so new that it doesn’t even have a name yet. it was built within the last four weeks – three weeks to build all the parts, one week to assemble them and programming the movement actually on site – which means that at every show the robot was able to play some more beats…
thats what i call a drum machine!

the robodock – a huge freakplayground

this guy was performing live drum&bass for hours – enjoy 5minutes of the performance

people & situations you meet while walking through the areal..

also the food is prepared in an adequate style :)

..and dont forget to [gipsy_style]party!

Robodock 2007

from 19th – 22nd october the robodock festival will be happening in the docks of amsterdam, and we can happily announce to be there! please join the flickr and youtube groups if you have any media to share. come back on friday to check out the first videos..

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