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Relational Lights @ FILE Festival 2010

I had the pleasure to get Ernesto Klar for a short interview. He is an artist from Venezuela, living in New York and won the first prize in the FILE PRIX LUX competition in the category of interactive installations. The FILE PRIX LUX Award took place for the first time this year and had three categories: interactive installations, electronic sonority and digital language.

“Luzes relacionais” (Relational Lights) is an interactive audio-visual installation that explores our relationship with the expressional-organic character of “space”. The installation uses light, sound, haze, and a custom-software system to create a morphing, three-dimensional light-space in which spectators actively participate, manipulating it with their presence and movements. “Luzes relacionais” is a hommáge to the work and aesthetic inquiry of Brazilian artist Lygia Clark.

Lichterloh vs. VMS @Mapping Festival 2010

Lichterloh did a VMS Show on Thursday, 13th May at the Mapping Festival in Geneve. We had the chance to talk with them about light, visuals and the future of Vjing in a light ambient setup.

The Mapping Festival is dedicated to VJing and to the task of combining moving images with contemporary cultures. Thus multiplying the events which animate the town and bestowing itself to the Genevans and international visitors.
Formed in 2005 by Modul8 conceptors and Zoo/Usine, The Mapping is in search of all passionate of real time image use, amateurs of electronic cultures, conviviality and discovery.
The festival is a true laboratory for the VJing discipline, offering both novices and professionals the possibility to experiment and encounter. This unique aspect gives the festival a world-wide reputation in the VJ-community as a meeting point you just have to visit.


Interview: Conny Zenk
Camera: Markus Liszt
Editing: Conny Zenk

transmediale 2010 opened

The transmediale 2010 opened it’s doors yesterday, with a Yvette Matterns laser performance “From One to Many” and Charlemagne Palestine’s sound performance. The program looks promising and we already met a lot of great people – so we’re looking forward to a lot of interesting stuff! Here’s a little impression of the opening performance (the snow storm worked great with the laser show, but it made the microphone give up…):

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