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weise7: the incompatible laboratorium

Honestly: I was about to be disappointed. The transmediale Award, a former highlight of the transmediale is gone – to be replaced with the ‘resource’ program, which is not there yet. One could wonder what happened to all the submission of the call? The transmediale exhibition as well as the club transmediale exhibition were all about ancient video works – a lot of them interesting, no doubt – but what happened to works outside of the rectangular format?
The guys of Weise7, this years artists in the ‘Labor Berlin‘ program of the HKW saved the day. In their exhibition weise7: the incompatible laboratorium they showcase a fine selection of works combining code & objects that show sophisticated concepts, fine craftsmanship and an an unusual high level of technical perfection – but hear the artists talk themselves:

camera: Andreas ‘muk’ Haider
editing: Emanuel Andel & Andreas ‘muk’ Haider

Rainer Prohaska @ Coded Cultures Festival

Rainer Prohaska über seine Arbeit “Transistor” dass im Zuge des Coded Cultures Festival 2011.
Kamera: Andreas ‘muk’ Haider & Emanuel Andel
Schnitt: Franziska Mayr-Keber

Christian Falsnaes about art

Torture Classics at Coded Cultures

Liz Vlx about the project “torture classics”

Coded Cultures 2011

This week the Coded Cultures Festival 2011 starts in Vienna.


Coded Cultures 2011 presents itself on many different locations in Vienna, with the main focus on the Donaukanal (Danube Channel) and the surrounding Viennese city districts.

From 21st to 25th of September focus days will be held, which mainly will take place at the Viennese Danube Channel, the 2nd district of Vienna, Museums Quarter Vienna, the Badeschiff and the Odeon Theatre. From the 26th of September to the 2nd of Octo- ber workshops, presentations and artist-talks are taking place. Partners are Transmediale Berlin, Media Lab Prado Madrid, Enter Festival Prag and Amber Festival Istanbul (among many others). On the 1st of October the Festival is ending with a big event at the Badeschiff in cooperation with the viennese Waves Festival.


The opening event is this Wed 21st – expect first postings 2b online during the weekend!

Enter Festival 2011, Prague

A walk through the exhibition of this years exhibition of the enter festival in Prague.

interview & editing: emanuel andel
camera: andreas muk haider

Daito Manabe: Body Hack

After flying to Berlin, a night without sleep and a full day workshop Daito showed us how his Body Hack works and how it developed.

F.A.T. greetings from the Ars Electronica Gala 2010

The Ars Electronica Gala is usually the place for politicians and sponsors to show off – this rule was a bit loosened by a guerillia marketing gag by a bunch of street artists that are involved in one of the ‘Golden Nica’ awarded projects – this is the kind of communication that distinguishes an art event from any other commonplace gala – thank you for that one!

Richard Sennett at Linzer Stadtgespräche

Richard Sennett‘s opening keynote at the ars electronica 2010:

This is the Q&A after the Keynote, including some very honest statements. Richard Sennet shared the stage with Johann Kalliauer and Johann Mayr:

Braun Tube Jazz Band

Wada Ei tells us about his performance – we already gave a preview of this in the ISEA 2010 launched post. The next chance to see Ei Wada performing live is at the upcominc Ars Electronica Festival in Linz!

interview & editing: Emanuel Andel, camera: Sophie-Carolin Wagner

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