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ISEA 2010

Stefan Riekeles, Program Director of the ISEA 2010, is presenting a selection of pieces of the ISEA 2010 RUHR Exhibition and reflecting over misunderstandings considering the term Sonification and whether the opposite of digital is necessarily analogue.

interview: Emanuel Andel, camera & editing: Sophie-Carolin Wagner

Creative Cities: Maurizio Lazzarato

An interview with Maurizio Lazzarato during the Creative Cities Symposium – at the moment in french only..

Six Appartements by Reynold Reynolds

interview with reynold reynolds 30/01/09 about his video installation six apartements. Winner of the transmediale 2009 distinction.

Interview: Peter Schlager
Camera: Florian Steinringer, Sophie-Carolin. Wagner
Edit: Sophie-Carolin. Wagner

Jury Interview

we had a chat with bronac ferran and juha huuskonen, two members of the jury, about their difficult job of choosing the artworks for this years transmediale. they had to choose from about 100 preselected works out of more than 900 entries. but listen to their methodology and experience yourself… – Igloolik Isuma Productions is an independent platform for indigenous film-makers, exchanging traditional knowledge, as well as news and footage documenting an aboriginal way of life. Paul Quassa, sitting in the futuristic McLuhan Salon, tells us why new technologies were quickly absorbed by aboriginal tribes, how traditional knowledge about nature and the environment can help us to deal with an impending climate change and how exactly works.

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