– Igloolik Isuma Productions is an independent platform for indigenous film-makers, exchanging traditional knowledge, as well as news and footage documenting an aboriginal way of life. Paul Quassa, sitting in the futuristic McLuhan Salon, tells us why new technologies were quickly absorbed by aboriginal tribes, how traditional knowledge about nature and the environment can help us to deal with an impending climate change and how exactly works.

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  • Hello;
    As a Canadian who has worked and travelled extensively in the Arctic communities, I’m sensitive to cultural nuances. In particular, it seems inappropriate for Ms. Gabriela Gamez to be interviewed in a way that places her in the position of talking “about” Inuit culture and technology when Mr. Quassar who is Inuit is already doing an excellent job in the interview. Mr. Quassar, who is from the Inuit oral cultural tradition, is articulate in both Inuktitute and English and does not need the “back-up” of poor Ms. Gabriela repeating what he has just said. This is a criticism of the video interview and editing, not of Ms. Gabriela who may have been hired to assist with the project, but who is obviously not Inuit or of that language tradition.
    Sandra Hawkins, Ottawa Ontario Canada

  • kilabuk

    who wants and need to critise, anyhow… i like praising people better… hope people who know me see me as i see them…

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