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Signs+Signals Full Length Concert

Signs and Signals Appendix

THX to the very charming and synergetic art-gang”freyluft” (monika freyer und philipp luftensteiner) we can proudly present: “Signs and Signals” the directors cut! It’s a recording of the whole performance, taken from the vis-á-vis Danube bank.

The project:

1. The Building:
The Ars Electronica Center (AEC) is a center for the electronic arts, run by Ars Electronica and situated in Linz, Austria. It’s located at the northern side of the Danube, on the right side of the Nibelungenbrücke (witch has a pretty interesszing history itself). The building is also known as the “Museum of the Future“. The museum has six floors filled with creative work from hi-tech laboratories all over the world.

2. The “new” Building:
The new building includes a multi-level structure adjacent to the existing facility and then wrapping the entire ensemble in a glass shell, the AEC’s spectacular 5,100-m2 LED façade. The result is a holistic entity, which can be used like a gigantic kind of screen.

3. The Event:
Matthias Schoenauer
and Sebastian Schlachter from Austrian radio station fm4 produced “Signs and Signals. Together with the artgroup “freyluft” they developed the concept of a audio/ visual performance including the technical possibilities of this special environment.
It was extraordinary !!! But see for yourself and enjoy!
Other artists included are: Vocalist Mani Obeya, skin-conductor-violinist Ulla Rauter, Patrick Pulsinger and Richard Eigner.
For more information about the backstage situation and interviews look at my post: Façade-Play and Body-Sound.

light, sweet, cold, dark, crude

Ælabs – LSCDC Performance at Transmediale 2009, 30.1.

Interview with Gisèle Trudel and Stèphane Claude

ondulation @deaf07

Ondulation (by Thomas McIntosh) with Mikko Hynninen and Emmanuel Madan) is a composition for water, sound and light. A two ton pool of water is set into motion using sound, beams of light are projected onto the surface of the water and reflect onto a projection screen. The pool becomes a liquid mirror that is slowly sculpted into perfect three-dimensional expressions of a musical composition. a very aesthetic and poetic piece of art. Hard to transport this slightly psychedelic visual spectacle through video. u better go and watch it !

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