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A project by Masterclass in Digital Environment Design, NABA – ITALY

VIP is a nice plyful installation, representing all the state of the art realtime tools like ir camera motion tracking, max/msp and vvvv. For me, this is a typical master class project: technically perfect resolved, great design, but no story or meaning. but still: it’s great fun to play with this installation and my guess is that this project will be seen on quite a lot of events like this in future and as a matter of fact was already shown with great success at the BIP festival.

Alsos, by scenoscosme

one of the first installations to discover was an installation by scenocosme, called Alosos.
you have to make your way through the flowerjungle with a spotlight, by doing so you will discover the sounds of the flowers and create a soundscape… really nice2discover installation.

Streamfest 2007 – Lecce, South-Italy

It’s never an easy job to establish a new theme – especially not when you are the very first one…
this is exactly what the guy’s from the Streamfest are doing: organizing a media art festival in a wonderful area – that has never heard about media art before.

In the region of Salento – at the very bottom of italy – the Streamfest happened from 26th to 28th of july. the location suited the kind of event very well – a 60ies style concrete building industrial building, now used as a cultural center.

We had a very warm welcome and i have to admit that the italien way of celebrating a festival limited my abilities of covering the festival, so i decided to show a nice little collection of works that were presented there.

my resume: the lack of visitors was a problem caused by the fact that the theme of the festival is new to the region, the event itself was well done with great efforts in details like DJ sets and artist support.


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