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WAVES – by Daniel P. Jimenez (ES)

Maybe some of you have already seen this at the Ars Electronica – an elastic rope connects two excenter points that are driven by electric motors and controlled by an arduino – so simpel, so nice. One of the most beautiful installations i have seen within the last years.

The installation uses a long piece of rope to make a 3-D representation of a group of waves floating on the space. These waves generate sound because of the physics of movement, so sound and images are linked, making only one shape: the rope which creates the volume, creates simultaneously the sound when the rope cut the air.


A project by Masterclass in Digital Environment Design, NABA – ITALY

VIP is a nice plyful installation, representing all the state of the art realtime tools like ir camera motion tracking, max/msp and vvvv. For me, this is a typical master class project: technically perfect resolved, great design, but no story or meaning. but still: it’s great fun to play with this installation and my guess is that this project will be seen on quite a lot of events like this in future and as a matter of fact was already shown with great success at the BIP festival.

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