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Saturday Night @ Share Festival: Bong-Ra

bong ra monitor

ok, lets keep this straightforward: this is the monitor he used to perform with, thanks to super-charming ella esque we were able to plug the recorder directly to the mixer and you can find a proper 320kbps .mp3 bootleg from his performance here, and this is to give you a visualized impression of the party:

video by Sharefestival

sonar the art experience

by ka and axolotl

even though sonar is mostly known for the electronic music part we are arty eneugh to almost skip the music part and go straight on to the multimedia section. clearly for our coverage we will focus on that “mostly” secret part of the festival!
the multimedia section was split into: sonarmatica, sonarama, sonarcinema, sonarextra and sonar a la carte.( wow what fantastic creativity of name creations) sonarmatica the multimedia exhibition features the topic magic. sonarama takes place in the casm (centro de arte santa monica) and shows high level multimedia live performances. sonarcinema: the name stands for itselfs and finally sonarextra presents external exhibitions.

now with the experience of all the different components of the festival, its quite clear that the day part is the much more sophisticated one. of course the nightly sessions have amazing names to offer, but the huge number of people and the humongous size of the stages (four) provokes nightmare-like impressions. you feel quite anonymous, lost and like a walking wallet. furthermore, to top the size of the halls they put an autodrom into the fetival area! no joke!

sonar autodrom

but suprisingly the day program is challenging, acts like khan of finland, planningtorock, fm3 featuring blixa bargeld (video) and even the buddha machine startled us. their unusual performances were presenting more than performing only music but going into various levels of performance art.
in the following articels we will present some single artworks to give you an overview of what the festival had to present.

vj meat vs. vj meat

this vj couple was the most impressive one – at least i liked them most in the first night of the Vision’r festival in paris. – youtube vs. revver, btw.:

party party – February 3rd

we definitly recomend the following events for your party-needs:

special event
fri, 3rd feb, wuehlisch 22

the special event was broken down by berlin police (they came with 12(!) cars) at 2.30am.

police from above

the responsible cop (id 24020798) wasn’t able to tell us why.

Download and play in your prefered Player: kirsche
Or Get Quicktime: apple.com


vakant dumb-unit
sat, 4th feb, watergate

yes. wighnomy bros very popy but hey ;)
alex smoke finest techno. a night to remember :)

rock on!

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