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Specialità di Silicio

Performance: Urs Dubacher  (video in german)

specialità di silicio is a hardware cooking performance, in which Urs Dubacher creates a special menu, comprised of silicon. Damaged hardware and other ingredients are fused to a culinary hybrid of absurdity, debris and detritus. Enjoy your meal!

Die Preformance “specialltà di silicio” ist eine Hardware Cooking Performance, in welcher  Urs Dubacher ein spezielles Menü kreiert, welches zum Großteil aus Silizium besteht. Kaputte Hardware und andere Zutaten werden vereint zu einer kulinarischen Einheit der Absurdität. Guten Appetit!

the robodock – a huge freakplayground

this guy was performing live drum&bass for hours – enjoy 5minutes of the performance

people & situations you meet while walking through the areal..

also the food is prepared in an adequate style :)

..and dont forget to [gipsy_style]party!

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