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opening ars electronica center 2009 umbr.ella

Following the great concept of ella esque we built a mobile interview environment which is equipped with a bird-view camera and a microphone inside the umbrella. that makes it possible to use low-qual. cameras but still provide proper sound. Beside the technical advantages this setup provides the interview team with an own space – no matter where the interview takes place. we have to admit that our first interviews are still lacking in terms of audio quality, but we’re on our way..

+ a BIG THANK YOU to the guys from LM/LN, without their [great skills/working place/mental support]:help we couldn’t have managed to realize it!! Thanks

Ciao Eleonora, Salute Julien, Hallo Peter!

We have 3 more Authors that want to share their experiences on festivals with the world, i’m sending a triple HUURRAY! to Amsterdam(NL) , Nantes(FR), and Vienna (AT)!

At the forum you’ll find a basic howto – this is also the place to post your suggestions and questions.


Also we managed to embed Eyebeam’s reBlog. We did this in order to provide an easy possibility for people who already run a blog and want to post some of their content on If you want to provide with a rss feed, please get in contact.


since we upgraded to wordpress 2.1, we now have the possibility to implement the pictobrowser into it’s easy and works great, find it here:

simply enter the flickr account you want to use (no password req.) and select the pictures that you want to show in the slideshow. to do so, you can choose to select via tags, groups or sliedshows. in this example i included all the pictures from the flickr group “CTM Festival”.

asever, nothing is perfect: one problem is, that this is a free service, which doesn’t run on our server but rather on the server, which will hopefully run as long as flickr works…
the other problem is, that wordpress still has issues to implement it if you place it in the middle of a text. to avoid problems, i recommend to place the slide show at the end of the post.

old posts upgraded with pictobrowser
Christoph Buchel at Coppermill Gallery, London
, Bilgi University Istanbul

Simplicity: John Maeda in Milan

10 laws:

John Maeda talked yesterday night at the Mediateca Santa Teresa in Milan, in a open conference organized by MGM digital communication for his series of meeting Meet the Media Guru.
As John Maeda started to talk he said that he considered himself a mediaguy rather than a mediaguru, and i felt myself immediately better. “The computer is nothing more than a pencil” said April Greinman 20 years ago, and Maeda said that if it’s a pencil, it’s one that broke his tip continously, again and again.

What is semplicity about? semplicity=simplistic? =trend? =more sales? =?
it’s a question with no answer….and we’re at the beginning. So he started to present to the audience how easy it’s possbile to see semplicity and beauty into everyday life, showing photos he did from the complexity of the Dome of Milan to the simplicity of a dead white butterfly on a black asphalt: “the world is a great museum to visit“, you’ve just to open your eyes.

“Capitalism utilize the machine not to further social welfare, but to increase private profit.” Lewis Mumford, Technics and Civilization, 1934

Design is about merging human sensibility and technological aspects, and the human desires are mutable, sometime you want more, sometime less, usually if it’s about pleasure you want more, if about work less.

He started then to present more deeply the book he just edited for MIT Press, called The Laws of Simplicity. And he said since the beginning he wont show all the principles, he did the book for the pourpose and there everything is clearly explained, so read it!!!
Then a quick talk about four laws, about this part was particularly interesting the “SHE’s alwasy right” paradigm, that present a metodology that is always good for design: Shrink, Hide, Embody. Some clear example of this attitude are the evolution of the interface of the I-pod and the shell phone design. So at the fourth law, Learn, he stopped talking about the laws of simplicity and it started the best part of the conference with Maeda seriously telling to the audience how important is to look with a curious eye to the world and to spend time in relational activities: “Friends are forever, spend life making friends, not money”.

At the beginning of the conference he clearly said he thought about 10 laws, but they can be 3, 2 or more, he don’t knows what can happen, but that are his laws about complexity for now and at the end he said what i think are the real laws of Maeda’s way of life:
“To live is learn to forget
“Everything is already there, so don’t think too much, but keep on doing
“Look for things that gives you hope, life is great”

then the questions, sincerely not so interesting but among them turned out this:
Q: Artists that inspired you?
A: Duchamp, Bruno Munari and Italo Calvino.

Q: is it really important to learn programming to make design today?
A: Programming is quite boring. 5 years ago i would said yes, now… i don’t know.
Programming is sharp, but life is about emotion, so i hope in the future programming can be softer.

Q: How do you see ther future?
A: I don’t the future i see, i can say the future i want: a future as a friendly place.
and i started clapping my hands….

revver vs. youtube

as far as i can say until now, it simply doesn’t matter. if you want the video to be displayed slightly bigger choose revver (you can still downsize it in the source code of the post), if you want to be sure that it loads without delay choose youtube.

youtube has the logo embedded in the video, which sucks. revver’s logo is in the menu, therefore you have a commercial after the video on revver.

i’not quite sure, but i think revver has slightly more artefacts in the video then youtube. also, there is a sort of approval process going on at revver, it takes around an hour to get your video accepted by revver.

i actually think that the quality of is great – might be another option, but i’m having troubles with the upload… at the max. video size is 150mb.. has the nicest interface and leaves the video in qt if u prefer but doesn’t work really well with wordpress..
i’d say we just leave it up to every editor which platform to choose.. this and that site might help – maybe we should start a service ranking
plz comment your thougts, tagr headz!

a few thoughts by others:

the same geek made this.

turin midnight greetings on Vimeo

Hochgeladen von nrsz

festival.timelog 23.-26.1. turin

netmage07 23.-26. 1. bolognia

transmediale 1.-4. 2. berlin

diagonale 19.-25. 3. graz

makeart 2.-8. 4. poitiers (FR)


ars07 6.-11. 9. linz

documenta 16.6.-23.9 kassel

benefits tagR

internationale kontakte
tagR werden auf festivals im zuge ihrer arbeit internationale kontakte schliessen… networken auf 2.0 level!

tagR tv möchte je nach budget und festivalpriorität jedem tagR einen reisesupport zur verfügung stellen (reisehunderter)

wir unterstützen tagR mit leihhardware (cameras, akkus,…)

tagR tv bietet keine journalistenjobs
wir unterstützen interessierte, die aus eigenmotivation auf festivals reisen und von dort berichten möchten.

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