since we upgraded to wordpress 2.1, we now have the possibility to implement the pictobrowser into tagr.tv. it’s easy and works great, find it here: http://www.db798.com/work/

simply enter the flickr account you want to use (no password req.) and select the pictures that you want to show in the slideshow. to do so, you can choose to select via tags, groups or sliedshows. in this example i included all the pictures from the flickr group “CTM Festival”.

asever, nothing is perfect: one problem is, that this is a free service, which doesn’t run on our server but rather on the db798.com server, which will hopefully run as long as flickr works…
the other problem is, that wordpress still has issues to implement it if you place it in the middle of a text. to avoid problems, i recommend to place the slide show at the end of the post.

old posts upgraded with pictobrowser
Christoph Buchel at Coppermill Gallery, London
, Bilgi University Istanbul

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