las palmas exhibition @ deaf07

las palmas… sounds like sea, beach and cocktails ! but it´s the name of a recently upgraded building on a small old-harbour-like corner on the other side of erasmusbridge. it used to be a small piece of freedom there, before they build the bridge. people living on boats, squatter in the brick building, which is now adapted and called Las Palmas. surrounded by towers of business. things are changing, when cities are growing and bridges are built.

the exhibtion is in the basement of the building, in a dark hall with big cement-columns, which has very special atmosphere for the works shown. it somehow starts to suck u inside…. into the black hole – full of strange freaky interacting media art. a real good selection and overview of worldwide contemporary electronic art.

Before entering the mainhall you pass by a ladder consisting of 24 TV screens stacked up to a vertical column. Go Up! Go Up! (by Hu Jie Ming) On the screens you see someone climbing up. The audience intervenes the climbing scene by either shouting at them or making noises, the climbers fall down hopelessly, and start to climb once again.

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