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re.sonance 07 up & running

The sonance.artistic.project launched the re.sonance07 festival with the presentation of the (mighty) festival catalogue including a DVD last friday in Vienna. The catalogue gives a pretty detailed overview of the actual digital culture scene in and around vienna.

resonance 07

It#s not easy to make your way trough the programme but it’s definitively worth a try. Especially the fact that a lot of exhibition and presentation venues are temporary art residences free of charge – very interesting story! it looks like it’s actually possible to get a temporary (unused) place to work on art projects. I’ll keep my eyes and ears open and try to get some more detailed information’s on this issue – a good time and place to find out more about this would be the vernisage of Franz Xavers exhibition “Biosphären” on Thursday 28th of November in the Lerchenfelderstrasse 65 – this place is used as a “Präkarium” since 2003, looks like a good place to start..

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