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PixelACHE Festival 2010 in Helsinki

Well, unfortunately i never attended Pixelache in Helsinki, Finnland, but it supposed to be quite an interesting festival addressing the classical contemporary topics like capitalism, sustainable energy and alternative systems. But don´t wanna talk a lot about a festival i haven´t been…. better check out their massive videocollection on vimeo or their flickr collection to get a review of what we have missed.
or listen to Juha Huuskonen the programme director of pixelache, whom we know from transmediale 2009, when he was part of the jury.

And if you wanna attend in next years festival > don´t forget to apply to their call for proposals. deadline 15.4.2010

Open Calls: Piksel Fest & transmediale10


The guys of Pikselfest in Norway are now accepting proposals in the categories installation, a/v performance, presentations and workshops. As ever – ” Projects realised using Max/Msp/Jitter, Flash/Shockwave, Final Cut or any other proprietary software does NOT qualify, and should not be submitted!”


Next years transmediale also published the call for entries.

I couldn’t find something like a theme or a subject – the next step after getting rid of the categories a few years ago? Would make sense imho, artistic production usually doesn’t care too much about festival themes anyway..

Synchron :: summeracademy @ MKH in WELS

August 2008. In the tiny lovely town in Upper Austria called Wels, in the towns’ cultural center Medien Kultur Haus a summeracadamy about audio visual culture takes place.
The programm started already at the end of July with workshops for beginners and continues with the so called “Produktionswerkstätten”. The aim is to realise within two weeks five projects. Therefore all interested people with some knowledge of AV techniques are invited to come and join the creation process. Participants will have a place to stay and will be provided with food and coffee of corse! The Medien Kultur House will turn into a huge studio!
Finally the presentations of the works will be on October the 17th in Wels.

Produktionswerkstätten :: 11th to 25th August 2008

And those are the five projects they’ll be working on:

1. TagTool – Painting the front of the Medien Kultur Haus
with Markus Dorninger and Matthias Fritz (OMA)
The Tagtool is an open source instrument for drawing and animation in a live performance situation. Its development is coordinated by OMA International.

2. 16mm Windows – let the windows become your screen!
with Volker Sernetz, Stefan Sobotka (Ochoresotto) and Gerhard Senz (Paracelsus)
Analog….analog…. analog…. Ochoresotto didn’t forget about the good old analog devices and they know how to use them!
3. Videokaiserpanorama – Multimedia 3D Videos
with Anna Bertsch, Ulla Pfneudl (Angina P) and Benjamin Schröder

4. A/V Performance – Generative
with Katharina Mayrhofer, Matthias Zauner and Markus Weickinger

5. A/V Performance – Samplebased
with Martin Püringer (kon.txt), Michael Seidl (Mikimoto) and Sebastian Achleitner

You are interessted to join this event ? So grab your laptop, pack your things and last but not least send a mail to Boris Schuld or Harald Schermann!

SYNCHRON – Trailer:

Endorse: Stage Fright Video

3 reasons to put the video online, even though it’s out of date since the “Interactivos” Workshop is over since ages:

1. Nova Jiang’s installation “Stage Fright” is still exhibited at this years sonar exhibition
2. I always wanted to try portrait shaped video online
3. the video is shot with a construction, that was built by Sytse Wierenga within a day, for that the output is great.

This is a small video that shows the location and one of the first try’s…

and this is the final shot:

thats what the final installation looks like:

Immodesty, Day 9

First Day of the shooting, after yesterday’s indoor shootings we realized that the idea with the flashes won’t work out so we moved outside. Moving the whole setup and realizing the camera is quite tricky, especially because the viewfinder of the cameras is like you’d expect it from a 10$ camera… here are two of the scenes we shot:

Here are the setpic’s oft the day:
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Immodesty, Day 8

It works, somehow:

Looks cool, but actually it’s not: the fact that the flashes are going off during 4-7 frames means that we have a rang of about a 1/3 sec within the cameras are releasing… this is a raw example of ne of our first test shootings:

More explanation tomorrow, hasta mañana

Immodesty, Day 7

After a series of set-backs in the electronics department of our project, we can celebrate a big step forward today. Most of the electronics are working, all that’s left to do is to increase the power to trigger the cameras in order to overcome the long distances of the extension cables – hurray!

Arduino Workshop: Appendix


Simone showed me two more really helpful things: what you can see here is called wire wrapping. It’s a technique to create circuits w/o soldering, and it looks great ;) You have to use wrap pins that you simply beat into the board, then you use a little stick to put the wire around the pin, which is actually faster done than soldering.


Also Simone showed me a kind of “Bible” for people hacking around with circuits: The Cmos Cookbook. This seem to be really useful, it contains all cmos components available including description, picture and explanation how to connect them.

Immodesty, Day 5&6

Day 5: nothing but ill. Day 6: great.

We finished all the mounting pieces and found a place inside mataderos where we can set up the installation and leave it there untouched until the end of the workshop. The only minus-point of the day: all the cameras have 2b rewired, electronics don’t work as easy as we thought: It’s not possible to just wire all the release-switches parallel – every one has to have it’s own opto-isolator plus pull-down resistor attached to it. Karolina is actually going crazy resoldering all the switches, cameras, resistors and opto-isolators…

pictures of the day:

Immodesty, Day 3&4

Ok, here’s a fast endorse of the last days. Karolina and Sofy continued soldering all the cameras, i think they are finished in the meanwhile. We finally figured out how we’ll handle the mounting and the adjustment of the cameras and found a really great place to produce it: the woodshop of Mataderos, another project of INTERMEDIÆ Madrid. There’s an opening of an exhibition tonight, i’ll do a special post about it – that place’s definetily deserves it. As a preview you can check out the photos on Flickr tagged with Mataderos

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