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digital theremin workshop

part of the club transmediale were the xxxxx-workshops which where held in the ballhaus naunyn. i tried to participate in all the workshops, but due to lack of sleep and a missed flight to berlin i only participated in the digital theremin workshop which was held by andrey smirnov from the theremin center in moscow and derek holzer. smirnov introduced us to the history of the known theremin instrument and lots of interesting info about leon theremin and his other inventions and his connections to secret services.


after a short introduction of pd by derek holzer, who also curated the worskhop series together with Martin Howse, we started to play around with the small digital theremin boards connected either via arduino board or via the standard mic/line input of our computers… pretty cool stuff the small digital theremin boards – because of digital tuning of the two oscillators it is very convenient and usefull even for installations, because there is no need for manual tuning which is a problem for analog theremins. so this was really a very good and interesting workshop which i was happy to attend. it was organized by pickledfeet and they are very active in knowledge transfer – so watch out for upcoming events.


little advice in the end : don´t try pd on macbooks with leopard yet – it nearly destroyed my computer, because it didn´t go to sleep mode after i closed it.

PDVJ Tools Presentation


Yves Degoyon and Lluis Gomez and presented their recent pdp development PDVJ “pure data visual junk” – it’s all about image processing and visual work within pd that include helpful objects like a colorgrid to pick a color or a videogrid that shows all the videos of a folder.

also opencv (opencomputervision) will be included in pdp in something like a month. Its in full developement at the moment, they were finishing the pdp_opencv_blob object (a blob detection object) right before the talk, so this is cutting edge information. i can’t wait for this one.


also i’ll finally have to get a new computer because all the pdp stuff is done for linux – it also works on osx, but since you have to run X11 on aqua it will not be as fast as on linux. becaused it seems to be loads of work, it’s not planned to port it to window$ ;)

because of dependency problems it won’t be included to pd-extended, you’ll have to install it on your on.


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