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Amelia Andersdotter: „Repair“ Democracy Maxwell Salzberg: Creating Diaspora

The „Open Source Life“ Symposium was one of many great series of talks at Ars Electronica 2010 (video archive) with Saskia Sassen, Richard Sennet (watch), Joichi Ito (Creative Commons), Richard Kriesche (interview coming soon), Geert Lovink (up next) and many more on stage to discuss life, work, visions, sustainability, initiatives, freedom, transparency, open source mindsets, open source structures, societies and change.

Amelia Andersdotter (blog, twitter, artikel) – Pirate Party Member of the European Parliament on (post)representative democracy, decisions, time, treaties, transparency and future scenarios:

Maxwell Salzberg is one of the founders of Diaspora, a new distributed, sensible social network. They collected funds at kickstarter where many interesting projects can be given money. Diaspora will start in October 2010, but they released their (ruby) source code to the general public..  today!


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