first regular day – February 3rd

burn station

presentation of PLATONIQ: BURN STATION
if u r interested in copyleft licence – look ahead!

caused by lack of anticipation we needed some time to get things settled, for the speaker was french so the lecture was in french (wizkid…!) unfortunately the whole audience hadn’t foreseen that so the event started about 20 min. later because we had to get headsets in order to receive german sync…. reminds me of university… and yeah just a hint… if you want to get headsets you need an ID but not any.. it must be a passport or drivers license… crap**

keynote 01: DOMINIQUE NOGUEZ (paris)

presented by SIMON CRTCHLEY

nouguez - rechts: critchley
left:nouguez – right: critchley

“l’ humour n’ existe pas” …key sentence from the lecteur

the wise doesn’t laugh he smiles. does humour belong to wisdom… rather not… humour is linked to comedy but it’s not the same.

a theatre/show-person isn’t necessarily a comedian but a comedian is definitely a theatre/show person. Humour is a strategy a trick this means humour is always intended in fact it must be.

in his books breton speaks of accidental humour but that can’t exist besause humour is always councious. In contrast to accidental laughing accidental humour isn’t possible.
humour is what’s left over after laughing. and still, humour contains the best what man can give and exactly this fact is the paradox.

discussion between audience and speaker:
good humour means to understand our life and it’s despair in full amount- it’s the only way that makes it possible. this sentence discribes more or less why i declaire humour as non existant.

irony is the unreal for reality and humour the opposite.

when talking about humour it must be handled like when talking about god you have to try to describe the round abouts because you can not capture it.

because so many interesting things occured i wasn’t able to keep track and write down everything … the famous “where is my mind” feeling appeared….


tick, trick and track

at 9pm we went to the salon to watch the presentation of the “LUCID SOCIETY” with a speech held by MARGUERITE CHARMANTE and a performance by FLESHGORDO aka SUPERMARIO

tick, trick and track

it was very exciting …watch the video.

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