the 192 loudspeaker experience

not only from an aesthetic point of view “the 192 loudspeaker experience” is a installation you have to see ! the immersive soundexperience u face is unique and highly impressive and takes you out on a journey through soundscapes which not just surround you > they even intrude you ! ok, it looks like a huge battle of material (192 loudspeakers, 12 sub-woofers, 24 x 8channel amplifiers, 192 D/A converters, 2 x Quad G5, 1 Macbook), but after experiencing one of the three pieces you know that it´s worth it.

It has been developed by The Game of Life , Wouter Snoei and Jan Trützschler von Falkenstein, together with Raviv Ganchrow who did the hardware-development. Based on SuperCollider it works with wave field synthesis and has a specially developed graphical interface for positioning of the sound.

but better listen to jan trützschler and at least “see” the installation (because there is no way to transport the soundexperience) >>>

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